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Some ways to increase the chances of successful addiction recovery

posted Nov 16, 2020, 2:54 PM by Dr. Curtis Cripe

Addiction is one of the leading causes of misery today, because it affects a person physically and socially. However, there is always hope for a recovery if a dependent finds the will to beat the odds, coupled with the support of other individuals who care for his wellbeing. Dr. Curtis Cripe shares his thoughts on how to increase the chances of recovery from addiction.

1. Constant communication
Drug or alcohol dependents are prone to dealing with intense thoughts and emotions at any moment. Over time, this builds up so much emotional and mental pressure which the individual processes internally. In addiction therapy and counseling, constant communication is one of the keys for the addict to manage this pressure.

2. Full disclosure
When an addict decides to come out of his shell, this is a big breakthrough. There is quite an amount of shame in being an addict, and it really takes a lot of courage to come out with an admission. That being said, this level of honesty needs to be maintained, especially in communication sessions with professionals like counselors and health professionals that are around to help. Honesty allows them to make correct assessments, adds Dr. Curtis Cripe.

3. Keep a support system
An addict needs the help of other people, because frankly, he is not in the most ideal frame of mind to be left alone. This simply comes with the territory of being in such a state. The support of family and friends is essential to the successful recovery of an addict. These people are expected to be the ones to remind the addict of how much better his life can be without drugs or alcohol, shares Dr. Curtis Cripe.

Dr. Curtis Cripe has a diverse background in neuroengineering, aerospace engineering, psychology, psychophysiology, software development and programming, addiction recovery, brain injury, and child neurodevelopment. For similar topics, please visit this page.