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Mental health exercises for everyone

posted Dec 26, 2019, 9:03 AM by Dr. Curtis Cripe

Everyday stress can wear us out in due time. Unfortunately, not everyone has the luxury of stopping whatever his or her work is and going out for a vacation to soothe the mind and body. This is where mental health exercises can help. According to Dr. Curtis Cripe, people can do small acts every day to reduce stress and anxiety. Here are some examples of mental health exercises everyone can do.

Start the day with small accomplishments
It doesn’t matter if you are just fixing your bed or waking up to your alarm clock; you must relish small victories. By starting your day accomplishing small tasks, you build yourself up for the day’s many challenges. At the same time, failing to do these small tasks can set you back mentally.

Take the time to stand up and stretch
Staring at your work desk for several straight hours isn’t the healthiest activity in the world. That’s why employees need to take short breaks to stand up and do stretches. A switch in position is always good. Stretching can relieve muscle groups and ease tension.

Find time to laugh
Everyone has his or her own type of humor. Regardless of what type of humor you have, find something that makes you laugh. Even the corniest meme can brighten up your day. Always have something funny saved on your phone or your desktop in case you need some giggles.

Listen to music
Music is one of the most powerful forms of expression. What we cannot convey with our words or actions, we can let music speak for us. According to Dr. Curtis Cripe, listening to music can give us the relaxation and escape we need. Some people use music to turn stressful situations around, while others use it to amplify what they are currently experiencing.

Dr. Curtis Cripeis a neuroengineer with a diverse multidisciplinary background that includes software development, bioengineering, addiction recovery, psychophysiology, psychology, brain injury, and child neurodevelopment. For more posts on mental health and wellness, follow this Twitter account.