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Living with Asperger’s: How to manage life with a mental health condition

posted Feb 11, 2020, 3:15 PM by Dr. Curtis Cripe

Social interaction is one of the key pillars of growth. Through social interaction, toddlers learn how to speak, how to communicate their feelings, and grow in curiosity. And while some children may have problems when it comes to interacting with others, some children have it harder. These are children who suffer from Asperger’s disorder. According to neuroengineer Dr. Curtis Cripe, it is a developmental disorder which manifests itself as communication and behavioral problems.

Unlike other neurological diseases where speech is impeded, people with Asperger’s have no problem in the speech department. What they have problems with is communication itself. They may not understand social cues when making conversation, have a hard time understanding abstract ideas, or they may not know the importance of social etiquettes as most people.

Aside from this problem in communication, Asperger’s share several characteristics with the first level of the autism spectrum disorder. Children who suffer from Asperger’s may show obsession over a single interest, avoidance of eye contact, and repetition of certain actions.

Like most neurological disorders, there is no definite cure for Asperger’s, though there are several ways to manage the symptoms. One of the most effective means of managing a child’s social problems is through speech therapy. Some activities done in therapy include taking turns while talking, keeping eye contact, teaching playtime skills, and learning to cope with one’s feelings or emotions. Dr. Curtis Cripe believes that these can help a child grasp and understand why social cues are of prime importance when communicating.

Dr. Curtis Cripe</a has a diverse background in neuroengineering, aerospace engineering, psychology, psychophysiology, software development and programming, addiction recovery, brain injury, and child neurodevelopment. For more insightful reads on neurological illnesses, visit this website.