2021 DRC Treasure Hunt

This is the DRC's first attempt at a Treasure Hunt aimed at all any any breed of Holmesians.

You will have six months starting on Royal Murder Day (June 27th) and finishing on Blue Carbuncle Day (December 27th) to collect as many of the photos on the list below as you can.

At the end of the six months send an email to DoylesRotaryCoffin@outlook.com with your name (or an online name/nickname if you prefer), score and any photos you'd like to share. At some point in early January I'll publish the results on the DRC website.

Along the way, please share your photos on social media with the hashtag #DRCTreasureHunt so we can all share the fun.

For a printable PDF version of the rules and the list


The Rules

  • Anyone can take part. Non-members more than welcome.

  • You must collect the items in the allotted six months. Things you have done or photos you have taken before June 27th or after December 27th do not count.

  • You must take the photos yourself or have been there when the photo was taken by a chum on your behalf.

  • You can't use the same thing for two different points. You have to aim for 60 different photos of 60 different things.

  • If you are camera shy you are allowed to appear in pictures in disguise or as just a finger/arm/whatever.

  • No Photoshop.

  • Some things are open to interpretation. That's deliberate. Be creative with it. Have fun.

  • COVID lockdowns may make some of these things impractical. I've included them in the hope that things will continue to be able to safely open up. If they don't, don't take silly risks. Remember, this is just for a bit of fun. It's not worth endangering lives for.

  • You don't have to share photos or proof - the entire contest is based on trust. It will presided over by the psychic ghost of Silver Blaze - the famous undead murder horse - so cheating is a very bad idea.

  • You score one point for every photo you collect. Imaginary bonus points do not count towards your final score.

  • No prizes. It's just for fun.

The List

1. A photo of your newly bought Holmesian book from a second-hand book shop.

2. A photo of yourself with another Holmesian who you had not met in real life before.

3. A photo of a place mentioned in The Canon.

4. A photo of an object mentioned in The Canon.

5. A photo of a person in real life whose surname is Holmes.

6. A photo of "221" included on an official sign.

7. A photo of you irking a Poirotian.*

8. A photo of you dressed as someone from The Canon.

9. A photo of an animal dressed as someone from The Canon.

10. A photo of picture you have painted - with actual paint, but no brushes - of a scene from the canon.

11. A photo of you at a live performance of a Holmesian play.

12. A photo of you promoting Doyle's Rotary Coffin.

13. A photo of you giving a copy of The Canon - or any part thereof - to a young person you think might enjoy it. Imaginary bonus points if it isn't a family member.

14. A photo of a small Sherlock Holmes.

15. A photo of a large Sherlock Holmes.

16. A photo of a musical Sherlock Holmes.

17. A photo of you somewhere busy in a Holmesian tee-shirt you made yourself.

18. A photo of the Holmesian cocktail/mocktail you invented, along with a list of the ingredients.

19. A photo of the Holmesian item you've hidden in someone else's house without telling them. Imaginary bonus points for every week it stays there without them noticing.

20. A photo of a screen Holmesian actor. Imaginary bonus points if it someone obscure who played an obscure role.

21. A photo of the Holmesian flag you placed somewhere very high up.

22. A photo of a bird mentioned in The Canon.

23. A photo of a street sign which involves the name of an obscure character from The Canon.

24. A photo of an improbable violin.

25. A photo of you enjoying a Holmesian feature film you hadn't watched before. (You must watch the whole film, not just enough to get a photo.)

26. A photo of a Holmesian meal you are having.

27. A photo of you in a deerstalker as far from home as possible.

28. A photo of the most Holmesian water.

29. A photo of you eliminating something impossible.

30. A photo of a plaster bust of Napoleon.

31. A photo of ten different copies of The Hound of the Baskervilles.

32. A photo of you recreating an original Sidney Paget illustration for a Sherlock Holmes story.

33. A photo of five Holmesians all trying to murder each other.

34. A photo of De Jure inter Gentes.

35. A photo of a water vehicle mentioned in The Canon.

36. One photo of four different things from The Canon which start with the letter "B".

37. A photo of your attempt to shoot a patriotic "VR" into a wall.

38. A photo of a Canonical crime scene.

39. A photo of something that is both astronomical and Holmesian.

40. A photo of something Holmesian and touristy.

41. One photo containing both a gemstone and a goose.

42. A photo of something from 1895.

43. A photo which proves where Holmes went to university.

44. A photo of a homemade Holmesian robot.

45. A photo of The Beryl Coronet.

46. A photo of a massive Red Circle.

47. A photo of the most Holmesian egg.

48. One photo of both a Copper Beech and a Speckled Band.

49. A photo of a bottle of Petri Wine.

50. A photo of the Holmesian puppet show you put on for a bemused non-Holmesian friend or family member.

51. A photo of a Holmesian coin you acquired or encountered since the start of this treasure hunt.

52. A photo of Victor Hatherley's thumb on a window sill.

53. A photo of the most Holmesian cup of tea.

54. A photo which is both religious and Holmesian.

55. A photo of a Holmesian candy wrapper.

56. A photo of you dressed up as Sherlock Holmes in retirement.

57. A photo of Holmesian horticulture.

58. A photo of you pretending to smoke ten pipes at the same time.

59. A photo of something Dr. John H. Watson might have owned.

60. A photo of something Holmesian helping nature.

(*Poirotian is to Hercule Poirot as Holmesian is to Sherlock Holmes.)