Jack Chalmers

 A biography of Jack Chalmers will follow soon but this is a temporary "stub" as Jack's pictures are included in the article I have posted to the site on the Radio Ranges. Jack sent me the pictures a couple of years ago.  When the Northwest Staging Route ,which is now the Alaska Highway, was set up to handle material to the Pacific  Jack voluntered to work on the Aeradio at one of the several airports being built along the route. He became Station Manager at Fort Nelson. Jack later became one of the first two Telecom Area Managers, (TAMS) - appointed in 1967.
Jack Chalmer's name is mentioned twice in the Lethbridge Historical Society book “ Radio Waves Across Canada”. There is an article in the book by Russ Travers covering Whitehorse 1941-45 where he mentions Jack as an operator in 1942. He is also shown in the list of operators at Fort Nelson in 1944.