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Of women radio operators , sea going and ashore:

Seems there is a discussion here as to who were the first female radio officers on seagoing vessels?

Some Canadian women served aboard Norwegian ships during WWII, more than 70 years ago, read more here:

I have much more information in Norwegian about these female Radio Officers. This article claims Fern Sunde (Blodgett) was the the first ever in the Western world:

See also:

After the war (since 1945 and until the profession became obsolete), several hundred women served on Norwegian ships in tha capacity of Radio Officer.


Jim Jung:

Jim served on a number of stations (Dease Lake, Mould Bay, Isachsen, Alert, Smithers, Prince Rupert, the Wx ships) and has a large collection of photos which have been digitized. A selection of his photos is shown in an album on Picasa.
Jerry Thornton (Following reference from the Globe and Mail)
Note his service with DOT at Port Harrison
"His career was looking up"
Jerry Thornton was familiar a sight at the Toronto Island airport, working as an air traffic controller, assistant airport manager, and manager for more than three decades.His duties included overseeing performances by the Canadian International Air Show and he had diverse responsibilities with this mandate.

Robert 'Mick' McWilliams as recalled by Lyle Bates and John Weir
A " must read " :  Radio Waves across Canada and up the Alaska Highway, prepared by the Lethbridge Historical Society

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Hi, Laval:

I enjoyed scanning the list of ops, i/c's, techs, etc.  Man, did it ever bring back old memories of my days in Whitehorse and Alert and the guys I used to QSO at the Arctic Wx stations.

Tried the email address for Monty de Montezuma but it didn't work.  He was at Alert when I was there in 1957-58 with the RCAF.
I noticed Bill White was not on the list - he was a DOT radio Op at Alert with Montezuma - I later ran into him at High Level AB, then Fort st. John BC - he was I/c both airports at that time, in the late 1960s.

Many familiar names, e.g., Guy Charron, Hugh Clark, Jimmy KC Jung, Mitch Powell, Spud Roscoe, Charlie Stredulinsky, etc.
I first met Hugh Clark at the old covered bridge in Hartland NB in 12956, I think it was.  Hugh was home from DOT VCF and I was returning from NS to RCAF Whitehorse from my holidays.  He offered to take a picture of us, we exchanged qSL cards and have kept in touch every since.

There are some ops missing that I used to know, like Henry "Hank" Doepel, Whitehorse and Athabasca, also Dave Gordon, Cambridge, Whitehorse, i/c Teslin, RI Edmonton and Calgary.

Spud Roscoe is presently holidaying in Texas and Arizona.  I also see Charlie stredulinsky at least once per summer when he returns to Grande Prairie on holidays. First met him as i/c Teslin and then he became i/c Grande Prairie..

I appreciate all the work you and John have done with this web page - it makes great reading for old timers like me who had some association with DOT over many years in the North.


Earle Smith - VE6NM

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