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posted Jan 9, 2010, 2:13 PM by John Gilbert   [ updated Jan 17, 2010, 4:46 PM ]

This site, which is starting to look like a "portal" for those interested in the history of DOT Radio (Air, Marine etc) is taking shape and we have 16 people now on the invitation list. Not all have yet checked in and from experience with previous site I would think we need a critical mass of around 50 before it will become self-sustaining.
As Laval has said, our main objective is to reach people who have served in DOT, or have an interest in our collective history, while they can still remember the details of their experiences.
I have just been browsing through the old Amateur Radio Call books, starting with one from 1954, as well as a list of licenced radio amateurs dated 1946. A number of the addresses are DOT related (Radio Ranges etc) and many of the names are familiar. I have found at least three surviving old-timers already and will make an effort to reach them and get their stories.
Last winter, Bob Jones, Webmaster for the CMOS site (Met Branch) and I worked on a collection of photos taken during DOT courses. These have been posted in the CMOS site and I will create a link to them. I will post the names of the radio people that are identified and would welcome any additional identifications.
Over the years I have clipped obits when I come across them and will post these to this site as well under the heading "Silent Keys".
The main thing will, I think, be the links to other sites as so much work has already been done by others.
I will post a blog like this one when I have something to add. Please feel free to do the same!

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