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Photo Albums

Old BC Coast friends remaining to be identified  

  Frank Statham Early & Rough Radio on the West Coast

Frank Statham adds: I've posted a 1971 reunion photo of graduates of the local (Vancouver) radio operator school.  No names, but lots of old faces.  Perhaps you could post it and see how many faces can be recognized by your viewers.

John Gilbert's collection          John Trinko's                    Jim Jung's collection   

James Holland's collection at Coral Harbor & Nottingham Is.

Some early East coast sparks (Laval's collection from friends)    Old sparks and things (Laval's album) 

Some early Marine radio equipment

Reynald Dionne's album Lac Éon    PMG & other marine publications

Al Daly's Nitchiquon album        Ed Harvey at Fort Chimo and Nitchiquon