Associate Professor, 
Tel Aviv University
Room 235
Office hours: By appointment
Office phone: +972-3-640-8235
Email: doronpuder at gmail

Before joining Tel Aviv University in Fall 2016, I was a member of the School of Mathematics at the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton for two years, after completing my PhD studies at the Einstein Institute of Mathematics, at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, under the supervision of Nati Linial

Research Interests: 
  • Word maps and word measures on groups
  • Random walks and expansion in random graphs and (random) Cayley graphs
  • Free groups and their automorphism groups
  • Combinatorial and Geometric Group Theory
  • Combinatorics and Graph Theory

  • Some Orbits of Free Words that are Determined by Measures on Finite Groups. With Liam Hanany and Chen Meiri. [journal, arXiv]
    Journal of Algebra 555, 305--324, 2020
  • Aldous' Spectral Gap Conjecture for Normal Sets. With Ori Parzanchevski[arXiv]
    Transactions of the American Mathematical Society, to appear
  • Surface Words are Determined by Word Measures on Groups. With  Michael Magee. [arXiv]
    Israel Journal of Mathematics, to appear
  • Automorphism-Invariant Positive Definite Functions on Free Groups. With Benoît Collins and Michael Magee[arXiv]
    Proceedings of the 27th International Conference in Operator Theory (OT27), to appear
  • Matrix Group Integrals, Surfaces, and Mapping Class Groups I: U(n)With Michael Magee. [journalarXiv]
    Inventiones Mathematicae 218 (2), 341--411, 2019
  • The Markoff Group of Transformations in Prime and Composite ModuliWith Chen Meiri and appendix by Dan Carmon[journalarXiv]
    Duke Mathematical Journal 167 (14), 2679--2720, 2018
  • Asymptotics for a Class of Meandric Systems, via the Hasse Diagram of NC(n)With Alexandru Nica and Ian P. Goulden. [journalarXiv]
    International Mathematics Research Notices 2020 (4), 983--1034, 2020
  • Expansion of Random Graphs: New Proofs, New Results[journalarXiv]   Addendum[arXiv]
    Inventiones Mathematicae 201 (3), 845--908, 2015
  • Stalling Graphs, Algebraic Extensions and Primitive Elements in F2. With Ori Parzanchevski. [journalarXiv]
    Mathematical Proceedings of the Cambridge Philosophical Society 157 (1), 1--11, 2014
  • Primitive Words, Free Factors and Measure Preservation. [journalarXiv]
    Israel Journal of Mathematics 201 (1), 25--73, 2014 
  • Word Maps and Spectra of Random Graph LiftsWith Nati Linial[journalarXiv]
    Random Structures and Algorithms 37 (1) 100--135, 2010
Preprints / Work in Progress:
  • Word Measures on Unitary Groups. With Michael Magee. [arXiv]
     The results of this preprint have been extended and generalized in the paper "Matrix Group Integrals, Surfaces, and Mapping Class Groups I: U(n)"  appearing above. However, this preprint contains useful background, examples and a somewhat different approach in the proofs. 
  • Matrix Group Integrals, Surfaces, and Mapping Class Groups II: O(n) and Sp(n). With  Michael Magee, submitted. [arXiv]
  • Word Measures on Symmetric Groups. With Liam Hanany.
    Extended abstract accepted to Proceedings of the 32nd International Conference on Formal Power Series and Algebraic Combinatorics (FPSAC 2020). Full version in preparation. [Extended abstract - PDF]
  • A Note on the Trace Method for Random Regular Graphs. With Joel Friedman, submitted. [arXiv]
    Addendum to 
    Expansion of Random Graphs: New Proofs, New Results.
      • Asymptotics of Word Measures on GLn(Fq). With Danielle West. In preparation.

      Advanced Classes Taught:

      Representations of Finite Groups - Spring 2020