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What are the different kinds of walks?
Who can join the club?
How much does it cost?
How to get started?

What are the different kinds of walks?

Year-Around Walks (YR)

The club has defined 12 YR walks and 1 bicycle. Group walks are held the first Saturday of every month and two other days of the month depending on the season.

There is a system for registering for walks which gives IVV credit for the event and/or the distance. Some folks may choose to participate without receiving credit. The registration materials are available at a public location - convenience store, etc.  All walkers, members or guests, must register and sign the waiver form whether choosing credit or not.

The Year-Around Walks are also available to individuals at anytime that the registration materials are available.

Most of the club sponsored walks are near Joplin and all are within 100 miles of Joplin.

One-Day Event Walks

The club sponsors one-day event walks at least twice/year. These are usually multi-walk events which may also be combined with an over-night stay and social activities.

These walks are varied from year-to-year using new locations but also including club favorite locations.

All walks must be sanctioned by the national organization to be used as IVV credit of participation for event records or distance records. A registration fee of $3 is charged to credit participation in these walks.

Who can join the club?

All ages are welcome. Family participation is encouraged.  Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult.

How much does it cost?

An individual can join for $12/year.

A family can join for the same price of $12/year.

How do I get started?

Option 1 - Attend the next monthly meeting for the group.  See on club meetings in the next column.

Option 2 - Complete a membership application (see next column) and mail it to the club as indicated.

Option 3 - Call the club contact at 417-434-097 or email at

Complete the membership application.  See the Links page.

Include money for the dues. $12/year for an individual or $12/year for a family when joining in September.  All other months are prorated by $1.  (Oct. = $11, Nov.= $10, Dec. = $9, Jan. = $8 and etc.)

Bring it to the next club meeting OR mail it to the following address:

Dogwood Trailblazers
P.O. Box 8012
Joplin, MO  64802-8012
Membership in the club is contingent on complying with the Bylaws of the club.  See the Links page.

See the following topics below:
Club Meetings
Tracking Walks for AVA Credit
Registration Process at Walks

Club Meetings

Meetings are held the second Thursday of each month at 5:30 pm at St. Paul's Methodist Church, 2423 W. 26th Street, Joplin.  No meetings are held in July.   Members and guests are always welcome, but not required to attend. We communicate club news, information about fitness and upcoming walks to members at the meeting and in the club newsletter, Trail Talk.

Tracking Walks for AVA Credit

To record your personal achievements, many walkers choose to walk "for credit". This means that you track your events (times you go and walk an AVA walk) and/or distances that you walk.  Walkers pay $3.00/walk to subscribe to this AVA service. The best way to get started is with a New Walker Packet. It is a $23.00 value for $5.00. The packet contains:

  • First event book:  Good for 10 walks.  For each walk completed, a stamp is added to the book.  After 10 walks are complete, you turn in this book to receive your official AVA registration number.

  • First distance book:  Good for 500 km. For each walk completed, a stamp with the appropriate distance noted is added to the book.  This book is returned to AVA after 500 km are walked.

  • Three coupons for three "free" walks.

  • An important instruction book with information on how to fill out your books, submit information to AVA and how the AVA organization functions.

  • Various other coupons.

Registration Process at Walks

All walkers must register at walks and sign a liability waiver, whether or not you are walking "for credit".

The Dogwood Trailblazers use the following process:

  • This website and other club literature has driving directions to the walk start points for the registration.
  • If you are the first to arrive, find the club Walk Box stored at the site.  It is usually a labeled plastic file box.
  • Take out the registration book and fill in the next start number, date, printed name/address (can use return address labels), and add signature and check either "for credit" to receive a stamp in your book or "no credit" if you are not tracking your walk information.
  • Complete all the information on a start card, transferring the start number from the registration book to the start card.
  • Put the start card and the $3.00 fee into an envelope from the Walk Box.  If this is a group walk, all the cards and monies will be collected in one envelope.
  • If this is a group walk, stamp your event and distance books before the walk.
  • Some walker choose to track Special Programs and so have additional books to stamp.
  • Find the walk directions in the Walk Box and begin your walk.  For some walks, it will be necessary to drive to another location to start the walk and this will be noted on the directions.
  • If you are walking alone, not with a group, review the registration procedures included in the registration book.  Usually information about a checkpoint on the walk will be required on the start card.
  • If you are doing a walk sponsored by other AVA clubs, review the registration procedures included in the registration book.