Suvisesha Sangham Formation Programme at Bangalore

posted Mar 21, 2017, 9:31 PM by Department of Catechesis

Bangalore District level Suvisesha Sangham formation classes in Bangalore though started in 2013, from October 2015 onwards the Classes are conducted more frequently and on an average 25 members from all the four Parishes are regularly attending the classes.  Rev. Fr. Antony Kakkanatt, Rev. Fr. Varghese Valikkodath, Rev. Sisters Francina DM, Mary Prasad DM, Namitha SIC, and Sophia Paul SIC have so far conducted the Classes detailing and sharing their in-depth knowledge of the Bible  to lead a Jesus-centered Christian life. 

The participant members are getting enriched spiritually and growing tremendously with the Classes to firm up their faith and belief in God, experiencing our Jesus Christ, living ‘Suvisesham’ by following the guidelines drawn for the ‘Suvisesha Sangham’ in their daily life,

The last class was conducted by Rev. Fr. Antony Kakkanatt on 11 March 2017 at St. Mary’s Church, Hennur wherein he taught the responsibility of each one of us being in Suvisesha Sangham.   As every human being has a relationship with God, especially we being Christians are called to maintain that relationship through fellowship, worship and communion, fixing our eyes on Jesus Christ, so that we can get control over all the obstacles and evil temptations, thereby to get rid of all evil thoughts and acts in our life, to become a real Christian.

While the ‘Kaiveppu’ is planned for 11 June 2017, one more session will be arranged, mostly by April end.  

Suvisesha Sangham-Bangalore is thankful to all Rev. Fathers and Sisters who are training us, our vicar Rev. Fr. Varghese Kadakketh and the Hennur Parish Committee for making all the required arrangements to conduct the Formation Classes smoothly.