Over the last 50 years or more, several versions of the same story have circulated among the Djament generations.   There is no doubt that these were heavily influenced by personal experiences and desires, and are presented here with the intent that the future generation can make up their own minds as to their truth or otherwise. With some, there is no doubt as to their veracity whilst others should be taken as recollections of  men affected by war experiences and coloured by time, passed onto the younger generation over long periods.

What's in a name ?

The astute reader may have noticed that the family name is spelled 'Djament' in some instances and 'Diament' in others. Furthermore, where did the names 'Rutkowski' and 'Drobot' originate ? And, since these where all brothers, why are they different ? Janek and Julek provided the explanation to Eve.

Escape from Poland

Life in postwar communist Poland became extremely difficult and unpleasant. Each of the surviving Djament brothers recognised that post-war Poland was not a place where they wanted to bring up their young families. In the early fifties (and, in Stefan’s case immediately after the war they began looking for ways to get out. This is Stefan's story.

Escape from India

In the late 1950s Janek was sent to India as a Commercial Counselor with the Polish Embassy. Following his defection to the US, he was sent there again as Westinghouse International's vice-president for India, Burma, Nepal & (as it was then) Ceylon. Eve recollects their life in India and what happened when in 1975, Indira Gandhi decided to nationalize all the foreign firms in India. Janek decided it was time to get out.

Finland by kayak

In 1937 Jakub and Samuel embarked on a journey to Finland, traveling by kayak. Jakub was commissioned by a Polish newspaper "Nowy Dziennik" (the New Daily) to write about their experiences. This is the story of their adventure.