This page contains memorabilia for other members of the Djament family. Translated by Vlad with occasional help.

Here is Wanda's driving license from her days in India with Janek.
 It must have been even more fun driving in India in the 1960s then it is now.

Bunch of official Rubberstamps here                  Date: June 19, 1944

Travel directive

The governing body of the Sergio Orzhonikidze Siberian Metallurgical Institute in Stalinsk (Kemerov oblast’) issues to the Scientific Worker Comrade Djament Samuel Isakovitch a directive to travel to Moscow. This is to insure that he increases his professional competence and to give him an opportunity to consult with the experts in his field. This travel is to take place from the 1-st of July 1944 until the end of the fall semester of the 1944/45 academic year. We ask all that he be given the appropriate consideration and help in this matter.

Vice-rector of the Siberian Metallurgical Institute In charge of Scientific and Didactical work Professor Doctor Grdina (Signed) 

As translated by Vlad.
Diploma No.064510

The holder of this document, Comrade Taganovich Natalia Denisovna, has entered the V. V. Kuibyshev Tomsk State University in 1931. She studied in the Department of Chemistry and completed all the requirements in 1937. Her specialization was Physical Chemistry. By the decision of the State Examination Committee, she is a qualified Chemist, with the right to lecture in the secondary and higher educational institutions. This decision is valid as of as of March 30, 1937.

The chair of the State Examining Committee: Director: (Ineligible signature)
Secretary: No signature
City: Tomsk. October 21, 1931

Registration number: 446

(Ineligible signature) 


Telegram to Nata informing her that she can go to Poland Translation was greatly assisted by Alexandra Piryatinska, from San Francisco State

Front Page:

In the upper right corner there are remanences of Nata’s address in Stalinsk. Not very reconstructable. The main body reads:

I am asking second time what kind of difficulties do you have with your exit to Poland. Did you fill out the application to the local police for the choice of citizenship? Chairman of the Polish delegation

There is no date, presumably it was sometime in 1946


Back page:
Monday, 11:00 AM,
German lesson, the same place

23-44 Vasilev (maybe a phone number and last name. Maybe it is the name of the teacher)

Ed: Vlad is particularly partial to this document. Had his mother not obtained permission to go to Poland, Vlad may still be in Siberia.

Death certificate of Chaya Djament's mother.(nee Lind). (great grandmother to Eve, Alice, Adam, Vlad, Frank and Kathy.