Only three out of the original five Djament brothers survived the war and escaped the Nazi concentration camps and ghettosJulek spent most of the war in southern Poland where, hiding his Jewish background,  he continued to work as a structural engineer in a number of places. Stefan together with his twin brother Janek escaped to Siberia where they stayed until the end of the war. During the war Julek changed his name to 'Rutkowski" whilst Stefan and Janek became 'Drobot'. 
    As the second world war ended, the surviving brothers began to pick up pieces of their shattered lives and looked forward to a fresh start. Stefan met his wife Natalie in Siberia and in 1941 had a son, whom they called Vladimir. In 1949 they became parents to a set of twins, Frank and Katherine. Julek married his wife Irena in 1944 and they had a son in 1945, whom they called Adam and a daughter Alice, born in 1952. Janek married Wanda and she gave birth to Eve in 1951. Wanda also had a son from her previous marriage, also called Adam. 
    After a few years in post war Poland, they realised that communist ruled Poland was not a place where they would like to bring up a family. They wanted to get out of Poland as soon as possibleStefan and family immigrated to the USA in 1959. Julek eventually obtained permission to leave Poland and together with his family started a new life in Australia in 1958. Janek who became a member of the communist party obtained a very prestigious position as a trade commissioner in India, and when recruited by the CIA he and the family defected to the USA in 1960.  
    The lives of their children, Vlad, Adam, Frank, Katherine, Eve and Adam would never be the same.

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