Following settlement of the Drobot families in the US, and the Rutkowski family in Australia, interrelation between the members of the Djament clan were limited to occasional exchanges between the three surviving brothers. It is well known that the twins Jan and Stefan had a major disagreement sometime in the 1950's however the reason for this has never been revealed.   It was however clear that they were both very secretive, difficult to live with and that they would rarely listen to any advice or suggestions offered by other members of the family. Perhaps their experiences during the war had taught them never to trust anyone, even their closest relatives.

An unfortunate consequence of the feud between the twins was that their children were not allowed to communicate with each other. For reasons that are still not clear, this extended to Julek's children as well, and it wasn't until the early 1990's that regular communications were established between the Rutkowski and the Drobot descendants. There is no doubt that the advent of the Internet had a significant impact.

Julek seemed to be the only one prepared to divulge any of the closely guarded 'secrets' or discuss any aspects relating to the Djament family history. In 1989 Eve decided that she would start to discover her roots and wrote to Julek asking him for details about her family. A regular exchange of letters between Julek and the Drobot descendants was established and gradually the communication channels were opened. Several letters to Frank from Janek and Julek were sent in 1993.

Here are the letters, in chronological order,  written during this time.

Letter from Julek to Eve, June 1989

Letter from Janek to Frank, 7th June 1993

Letter from Julek to Frank, 10th June 1993

Letter from Julek to Frank, 13th July 1993

Letter from Julek to Frank, 29th June 1993

Letter from Janek to Frank, 30th June 1993

Letter from Julek to Frank, 30th July 1993

Letter from Julek to Frank, 16th September 1993

Letter from Julek to Eve,  1st November 1993