Jozef Djament        Journalist,  second son, born in 1909, in Rzedzin. A few documents, including a book and copies of articles written for a daily newspaper                                           have survived.


On the left is a cover page from Jozek's book.

On the right is a page dedicating the book to his mother and on the far right is the back cover.

"Dead End: The Economic Agony of the Jews in Poland"
 Jozef Djament articles

In 1937 Jozef worked for the "Nowy Dziennik" (New Daily) journal. He wrote several articles under the pen name Vir.

first article deals with the idea of populating the outer regions of Poland with “true Poles” since it was felt, apparently, that the south and east of Poland was not “Polish” enough. This satirical article suggests that perhaps, rather then resettling the Poles to those regions, Jewish tailors and shoemakers should be encouraged to move to Warsaw, thus creating an equilibrium.

second article ridicules the demands by Polish restaurateurs to “nationalize Polish commerce”, and "only support Polish dining
establishments”. and scoffs at the suggestion that liquor licences should only be awarded to Christians.

third article is a commentary of the then current decision of the Bank of Poland to lower the interest rate by half a percent.