Jakub Djament (Jan Drobot)        Electrical Engineer, born in 1913, in Krakow

  School photo 1931


Certificate verifying that Jan Drobot was awarded "The Medal of the 10th Anniversary of People's Poland"

 Medal of the 10th Anniversary of People's Poland (Polish: Medal 10-lecia Polski Ludowej)

A former Polish civil state award
 established on 23 May 1954 to recognise services to the state.

It was created to mark the tenth anniversary of the post-World War II establishment of communist Poland.

The medal was awarded between 22 July 1954 and 22 July 1955. It was disestablished in 1992.

Source : Wikipedia


The Order of Polonia Restituta (PolishOrder Odrodzenia Polski, English: Order of Rebirth of Poland) is one of Poland's highest Orders. The Order can be conferred for outstanding achievements in the fields of education, sport, culture, art, economics, national defense, social work, civil service, or for furthering good relations between countries. It was established on 4 February 1921 and can be awarded to both civilians and soldiers, as well as to foreigners.

The Order of Polonia Restituta is commonly believed to be the successor to the Order of the Knights of Saint Stanislaus, Bishop and Martyr  established by the last King of the Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth – Stanisław August Poniatowski, to honor supporters of the Polish Crown. 

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Workers Union Membership
As a member of the Polish Communist Party, Janek was expected to be a member of a local government workers union, and had to pay union dues.

Janek's union membership card
  Payment of union dues was recorded by stamps

As director of a major energy corporation, Janek attended many conferences.

Advertisement for Eve's grandfather's fabric shop in Krakow.  

Work ids
All employees would have been required to carry identification cards
This looks like a temporary card, perhaps waiting for a permanent position