Itzhac Djament          Head of the family. Accountant, born in 1883 in Chmielnik, a town east of Krakow towards the city of Lwow. Unfortunately, only a few documents                                              were  found.


On the left is a cover page of the
Krakow telephone directory listing from 1932/33.  Interesting to note advertisements for liquor and national bank on the cover.

On the right is a page from the
directory, showing Itzhac Diament
residing at no 45 Starowislna and
the telephone number 17025.

Note the spelling of the surname
and of the  first name.
 Dated 17th March, 1922

This is a certificate entitling Itzhac Djament to live in Chmielnik.

The magistrate certifies that Jacek*  Djament son of Moshe Lejby and Pesla born 13th January 1883 is a citizen of Chmielnik.

* Probable translation to a Polish name, Alternate translation "Ignacy"

Translated by Adam Rutkowski