Israel Djament (Julek Rutkowski)     Structural Engineer, born 1911 in Rzedzin


Jewish registration certificate

Jewish registration certificate

This Jewish registration certificate is puzzling. Why would anyone, having gone to all the trouble of pretending to be Aryan, register as a Jew, only 18 months after Auschwitz was liberated.  Antisemitism in Poland was rife. Maybe it was compulsory ? Maybe there was some benefit, which outweighed the risks ? It is also puzzling because Julek lived from 1945 to the end of 1946 in Gliwice..
                                             Katowice 6th .11. 1946

This is to certify that Mr. Djament, Juliusz, born in 1911 in Rzedzin, presently known to us as Rutkowski, Stanislaw, living in Katowice, whose present address is
Dabrowski 15/8 Street, appears on the Registry of Jewish Community, with the registration number 2245.

Translation by Vladimir Drobot

Graduation from high school photo in 1930

Israel is in row 3 from the top, first on the left.

Strictly speaking not really a memorabilia item, I could not resist to include this label from a parcel delivered to my father in 2004.

Whilst "Stanislaw Rutkowski" was not particularly difficult to pronounce/spell in Poland, Australian authorities had a few more problems.

 Real Birth Certificate

On the left is the 'real' birth certificate. Issued in 1948, it quotes the assumed name "Rutkowski" - it was issued after Israel formally changed from Israel Djament to Stanislaw Rutkowski. It reads :

Extract from Birth Register

e certify that Rutkowski Stanislaw Juliusz, son of Ignacy and Ewa (nee Linde) was born in Rzedin, district of Tarnow, on the seventeenth day of May nineteen thousand and eleven.

Dated 28th December, 1948
 False Birth Certificate

On the right is the false birth certificate on the basis of which Israel Djament became Stanislaw Rutkowski during the war. It has the date of birth 30th May, 1909, which of course is incorrect.