Finland by Kayak

In 1937 Jakub and Samuel embarked on a journey to Finland, traveling by kayak. Jakub was commissioned by a Polish newspaper "Nowy Dziennik" (the New Daily) to write about their experiences. The article, entitled  "In the land of thousand lakes with a kayak" appeared over several days. Thanks to Samuel's son, Vladimir, for the translation. 

Quite a few years later, Samuel's son Frank was researching the route that Jakub and Samuel took, with a view to repeating the journey and came across a few photos and I added a comment and couple more. Did Stefan and Janek see the ship on their travels ?


    Estonian postcard featuring the ship "Aegna"

  Tugboat pulling logs in Finland lake c 1930

"Aegna" poster as located by Frank researching the route in 2016 

     "Aegna" was launched in Kiel in 1904. She served on the route Tallinn-Helsinki during the late 1930s. When the Soviet Union annexed Estonia, Aegna was put in the war effort. After a severe storm she sank in November 1944, just by the island of Aegna north of Tallinn.

Today she's lying at approx 5 meters depth and is a popular destination for divers.

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Did these ads attract Janek and Stefan to undertake the trip ?