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Are you working on your Doctoral dissertation?

Would you like to find creativity in the process?
This site was created to open up the discussion on how to include creativity in the dissertation process

One tool for introducing creativity into a project is the technique of mindmapping.

This technique is designed to access both sides of the brain:  the artistic (right hemisphere) and the analytic
(left hemisphere).   I'll also throw something else out there:  Could there be a third side to the brain?  The self-reflective?

Starting the Conversation:
This surprising presentation by brain researcher,
Jill Bolte Taylor, is well worth the short viewing time
(19 minutes).  Here's the link to find out more about the two sides of your brain:
Blow your mindmap... with this unbelievable hand drawn mindmap set to a talk by Sir Ken Robinson on changing education paradigms.  I GUARANTEE it is worth the viewing.
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