Universe Theory

Universe Formation & Skin Theory

Universe 1

Imagine a universe of immense scale far beyond the size of our universe, we call this Universe 1. A section of this universe becomes so hot and dense with energy/particles that space becomes ruptured, an opening is formed.

This opening of space allows an out pouring of energy/particles from Universe 1 for a period of time until the density of this section of Universe 1 becomes stable once more. Once the density of this section of Universe 1 is less than the force required to open space the rupture closes and the outpour of energy from Universe 1 ceases. Although an enormous of energy/particles leave Universe 1 the overall % of energy/particles that leaves Universe 1 is very small.

Once the rupture closes in Universe 1 we now in effect have a new Universe, we will call this Universe 2. Our Universe which contains our galaxy the Milky Way is Universe 2. Universe 1 greatly exceeds Universe 2 in size. Universe 1 is disturbed by the energy now present in Universe 2 and will try to minimize this disturbance.

See dia. 1 below

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Universe 2 

The particles that left Universe 1 now occupy what we will call Universe 2. Universe 2 expands as these particles will race out in all directions opening up more and more space. As the particles in Universe 2 continues to expand out the temperature drops. The particles now cool down and form smaller particles.

Universe 1 will react to Universe 2 as its ‘magnetic fields’ have now been disturbed and vice versa. Particles now present in Universe 2 are influenced by Universe 1. Particles present in Universe 2 ‘’interact’’ with Universe 1 creating a field, this field is an electromagnetic field as the particles in Universe 2 are moving. It is in the ‘skin’ of Universe 2 that this ‘’field’’ is formed. This field is what is commonly known as the ‘’electron particle’’. The wave effect of the electron is due to the conflicting fields in Universe 1 & 2. There will be certain criteria that particles need to meet for this ‘electromagnetic field’ to form.

The ‘electron’ is part of the ‘lepton’ family. It is no coincidence that for every type of ‘quark’ particle found in Universe 2 to date a corresponding ‘lepton’ particle has also been found.

There is also a ‘field’ in the ‘skin’ of Universe 1 which forms around particles in Universe 2, this skin is outside of the skin formed by Universe 2 i.e. the ‘lepton particle’, this field in the ‘skin’ of Universe 1 is what is commonly known as ‘Dark Matter’. ’Dark Matter’ will influence the ‘Lepton’. 

As particles move out and expand in Universe 2 they leave some empty space behind. When space is empty Universe 1 will attempt to close this space so that only the skins of Universe 2 remain. When there is no particle present in Universe 2, the ‘skin’ of Universe 2 still experiences the field directly from the ‘skin’ of Universe 1. This is what is commonly known as ‘Dark Energy’.

See Dia. 3 below

Nb. It should also be noted for simplicity all the sketches used in this presentation are of a single particle, this was done for ease of presentation. 

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Why Are the Galaxies in Universe 2 Speeding Up?


The magnetic fields in Universe 1 repel the magnetic fields set up in Universe 2, this force causes the Galaxies in Universe 2 to move faster and faster as it repels its electromagnetic field.

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Double Slot Experiment


Why do electrons (leptons) behave like waves in the double slot experiment?

Firstly the ‘lepton’ passes though both slots in the ‘skin’ of Universe 2. The ‘lepton’ passes though these slots as a wave.

The resulting diffraction is dependent on the height of the wave front as it goes though the slots. Sometimes the wave will be at a peak going through the slot, other times ½ peak, etc. The position where the electron hits the detector is dependent on the ‘lepton’ wave height as it goes though the slot.

See diagram 5 below

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