Products & Processes Developed - part weight 10 gram to +35 kg

Industries: Automotive, Truck, Motorcycle, Electronic, ICT, Consumer, Engineering, etc.
Clutch & gear housings - car
Transmission  housings - car
Fly wheel housings- car
Engine block - car
Engine cover - car
Subframe -car
Motor Housing - EV  car
Battery housing - EV car
Transmission House - EV car
On board charger housings & covers - EV car
Instrument panel - car
Seat back - car
Console - car 
Oil pans - car
Valve body - car
Escalator - industrial

Ladder frame - car

Housing -consumer product (casting polished a flawless surface finish required)

Arm Housing -consumer products (casting polished a flawless surface finish required)

Steering column - car

Rack and pinion housing - car

Timing case chain - car

Turbo charger - car

Axle- car

Bedplate - car 

Diesel pumps - car

Cam shaft - car

Chassis bracket - car

Lower baring shaft - car

Air conditioning housing - car

Shaft cover - car

Cam shift cover - car

Pump housings - car

Clutch & gear housing - truck

Backward brake - car

Housing -truck

Covers - truck

Steering wheel (armature) - car

Transmission bracket & cover - car

Lubrication oil head filter - truck

Housings – truck in line centrifugal oil filter

Inlet manifold - truck

Heat sink frame - Industrial lighting

Housing - Instrumentation (oil & gas)

Cover - Instrumentation (oil & gas)

Manifold - gas

Middle plate - mobile phone 

Chassis- military radio, ambulance radio

Fuel filter support -car

Compressor bracket - car

Venturi - car

Engine support -car

Housing/frames-disk drive computers

Base stations - telecommunication

Arm - power tools

Housing - power tools

Housing /heat sink - engine management / in line fuel

Clutch cover - motor bike

Crank case - motor bike

Cover variator - motor bike

Cover cylinder head - motor bike

Wheel hub rear - motor bike 

Brackets – wing/rear view mirror

Housings – anti vibration system for engine

Body – high tension surge arrestor

Housing - diesel heating for fuel system

Covers – data information storage system

Carburettor /covers – chain saws/outboard engines etc.

Brackets- structural part for buses

Housing – vision systems

Heat sinks/housings – car cruise control

Heat sink housing – electric motor vacuum cleaners

Heat sinks - pumps

Spools /housings- auto restraining devices

Bracket – air bag systems

Housing – door closers

Heat sinks/housings – water pumps

Bracket – information storage system

Bracket – car mirror

Bracket - scaffolding

Housing/cover – satellite TV receiver

Housing – mobile phones

Frame/housing – cash counting machine

Ornamental – electric fire

Brackets/supports - office furniture


John Lyons,
Nov 23, 2020, 11:08 AM