International Aluminium, Magnesium, and Zinc Die Casting Expert (Consultant)

John Lyons BE                                                                                                                                                    

I am a Die Casting Expert for Aluminium/Magnesium/Zinc with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Starting as a foundry engineer I progressed to foundry manager, operational manager and then managing director where I was a shareholder in the company.

My track record of success includes reorganising, restructuring, cost reduction programs, producing die cast parts with very low levels of rejects, technical development, quality improvement programs, maximising asset utilisation, lean manufacturing, and outsourcing the manufacturing of products to Asia, etc.

Since 2009 I have worked internationally with more than 100 companies as a die casting consultant in Australia, Bulgaria, China, Croatia, Germany, Holland, Italy, India, Ireland, Japan, Lithuania, Malaysia, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, UK, USA, etc.

Between July 2014 to December 2015 I lead the turnaround in the high pressure die casting plants of a large die casting Group in Europe that went bankrupt. This was the biggest turn around of its kind in Europe. The Group with annual sales €440 million consisted of 22 casting/machining/assembly companies. On the successful completion of this project the plants were sold to an Italian bank. There was an article written about my work and a reference letter from COO is available.

Bachelor Degree in Engineering, UCD, Ireland.

Resume available on request.

I can develop die casting programs in your facility or in your die casting supplier's facilities anywhere in the world.

Market Research

I have been Liability Expert in complex cases with multiparty involvement.

Services For OEMS: 

Support from idea to realisation along with identifying the right supplier regarding cost and reliability.


a) Design or redesign of parts in order that they can be die casted cost effectively. Some of these parts were previously sand casted, gravity casted, or machined from solid material. These parts were used in the automobile, windmills, telecommunications, and engineering industries.

b) Product design includes wall thickness, dimensional tolerance, flatness, parting line tolerance, Rz, etc. This ensures porosity is minimised along with optimum castability and reduced machining cost. 

c) Weight reduction


Windmill industry– Turbine control system saving per casting was + €70

Car industry - Clutch & gear housings, fly wheel housings, engine block, battery housing (EV), instrument panel, on board charger housings & covers (EV), valve body, rack & Pinion

Oil & Gas industry - Instrumentation Housings & covers, manifolds


2) Assessing/Developing Die Casting Suppliers

a) Writing quality requirement document to ensure suppliers clearly understand requirements to be met and to protect OEMs interests.
b) Identify/assess potential die casters from a quality, technical, and management perspective. Many die casters that were previously deemed acceptable by OEMs had major weaknesses previously not identified before my Assessment.
c) Quality improvement programs with existin
g suppliers to achieve 0 PPM.

3) Training

a) I give 1 - 3 day technical training programs on the entire die casting process from product design to tool design to optimising and controlling the process  - click here:

b) Assessing die casting companies from  a management, technological, and processing perspective.

Services For Die-Casters:

1) New or Existing Product

a) Product design or redesign for wide range of Industries including Automotive, Truck, Electronic, ICT, Consumer, Engineering, etc (wall thickness, dimensional tolerancing flatness, parting line tolerances, Rz, etc.) to ensure:
- minimise porosity
- good castability to ensure low reject levels
- reduced machining (cost)

b) Tool design (runner, gating, venting, thermal system, steel choice)

c) Die life improvement (steel, process conditions, sourcing)

d) Process optimisation (S1, V1, V2, die temperature, etc.)

e) Process control (FMEA/control plan/operator responsibility/etc.)

f) Cycle time reduction programs

2) Strategic

a)Due diligence for investment and take over of die casting companies 

b) Strategic reviews

c) Market research


3) Plant Related

a) Plant wide assessment (management & technical)

b) Profitability improvement through waste elimination- world wide

c) OEE improvement & defect reduction programs


4) Training

a) I give 1-3 day Technical training on the entire die casting process from product design to tool design to optimising and controlling the process- click here:

b) I give Management training as required (Setting KPIs, performance reviews, etc.)

  • part DFM analysis, die design and redesign to ensure capability
  • innovative die casting techniques, practices, and processes that can yield defect free castings
  • customised die casting process controls
  • effective in-process quality controls
  • lean manufacturing tools that increase Cpk process capability for high volume production quantities


  • existing die casting equipment inspections/injection optimisation training/process troubleshooting


  • die casting supplier evaluations
  • scrap and rework reduction programs
  • SPC/error proofing
  • resource planning
  • talent aquisition
  • systematic employee training/development
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