Welcome Everybody to Dharmata Maine

Dharmata Sanghas in Maine meet weekly to meditate and hear the teachings of
Anam Thubten who has
been teaching throughout the country since the 1990's and who, for the past several years, has held a retreat in Maine. We follow his method of meditation and listen to his clear, insightful and often humorous teachings via video and audio recordings.
  Anam Thubten is a modern teacher with a keen sense of the current needs of many Western students of the Dharma - whether beginning or experienced practitioners, Buddhist or otherwise.  His early training in the Nyingma tradition and later with a Yogi in Tibet, Lama Tsurlo, combined with his understanding of Western culture, have led to a refined and pure elixir for those who listen and follow.
All are welcome to attend.  He asks us to drop the ego, open the heart, and let go of all concepts to experience the freedom and joy of enlightenment in this very moment. No matter whether we've heard these words spoken for the first time or the millionth, if we are able to do as he suggests, we all have the ability to go very far, very quickly along the path.  Through hearing and following the wisdom of his teachings, which flow effortlessly and authentically from his heart, we may all attain perfect awakening.