Social media


You can check Facebook profiles of Mr. Dhananjay Bhole where you can get details of his activities such as accessibility training and awareness programs, his social activities, picnics, professional tours etc.


You can check his linkedin profile for getting more about his professional roles, academic qualification, awards and recognitions, memberships and affiliations, research publications etc. You can also see his articles and posts on linkedin.


Mr. Dhananjay Bhole’s blog can be referred for his articles and personal sharing his views so that you can get information about his awareness activities.


His Twitter handle is very much active where he can share latest development about persons with disabilities and political connection with disability activists. Twitter-Dhananjay Bhole(@dhananjay_bhole) .


His youtube channel can be referred to verify his accessibility training and awareness activities. You can get his videos of accessibility and assistive technology training on the channel as well as his media interviews.


His SlideShare profile can be referred for his presentations on the topics of Web accessibility, inclusive education, assistive technologies etc.

Research Gate

His research gate profile can be checked to see his research articles and projects, his research collaborations etc.

Google Scholar

His google scholar profile can give you incite of his research projects and articles.