Services & Specialties

All of the following courses can be taken as small group classes or private lessons.  Please email me at for information and to schedule lessons.

Nothing to fear and I fear it anyway
Many people hold intense fears of water.  And while we can often say that we know our fear is caused by a traumatic experience from years ago and no longer feels logical, the fear is there.  In this series I will work with you at your pace to allow your brain to ease those fears and allow you to enjoy being in the water for play or exercise.

Adult Beginner Swim Instruction
Using the Total Immersion Swim System, I will guide you from basic floating and water comfort to a smooth and efficient freestyle and backstroke.  This course is self-paced so you have time feel comfortable and confident at every step.  

Introduction to Fitness Swimming
Using the Total Immersion Swim System, I will teach you how to take your basic strokes and develop a technique and workout plan that is injury-resistant, engaging, and completely tuned to your current fitness level.

Adult and Youth Competitive Swim Instruction
Do you like to race?  Using the Total Immersion Swim System, I will teach you efficient and fast swimming skills for all four competitive strokes, starts and turns.

Private Swim Coaching
Do you want ongoing support?  I offer personally designed workouts tailored to your goals.

Personal Training
Private land and weight based workouts to develop your whole body specifically to achieve your goals.