Competitive Swim

Swim Atlanta has one of the best mottos in sport - IT'S FUN TO SWIM FAST 

The path to faster swimming is not through force.  It does you very little good to put a Ferrari engine on a dump truck.  Brute force swim programs lead a disgusting number of young swimmers, high school and younger, to need shoulder surgery.  Masters swimmers have a limited potential to make gains in strength.  While strength plays a role, it develops as a side effect of proper training.

You will improve far more consistently by increasing your efficiency so you can maintain speed throughout your races.  Proper form in all 4 strokes reduces injury risk.  Technical improvements can continue as you age much more than strength improvements.  Strength and endurance gains always accompany proper technical training.  The reverse is not true.  As a side benefit, training with focus on specific technical challenges is far more fun than endless lengths of hard swimming.

In competitive lessons we will look closely at your technique to find and reduce the areas of greatest drag and injury risk.  Then we will train you to maintain proper form as you optimize tempo, distance and distance per stroke to fit your goal events.  Workouts become "practices" in which we directly practice portions of your race instead of droning on long unfocused swims.

Sessions may be scheduled as singles or doubles (1 hour session).  Group/Team clinics are available.

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