At Highpoint Masters, we pride ourselves on giving each swimmer specific, tailored coaching designed to me his/her needs and goals.  Our groups average 3-8 swimmers to maximize individual attention while still giving a group feel.  Whether you are a complete beginner, fitness swimmer, triathlete, or seasoned pool competitor, we will guide you on your journey to swim better and have more fun than ever.

Why Use Us!

I have been a Total Immersion Coach for 11 years.  The Total Immersion learning system is the most simple and efficient learning system I have seen during my 35 years in the sport.  You will see significant improvement in your stroke in the first session.  You will develop an understanding of swimming that will allow you make choices with your stroke to fit your body and your goals.

Our Experience Shows!

1. Swimming must be learned from the inside out.  That means that you start with your body position, and slowly work out to the limbs.  Most instructors simply cover up body position problems with pulling and kicking details that are way too complicated and not effective.

2. Most of the concepts that are necessary for proper swimming technique go against all our human instincts.  They are not intuitive for most people.  This is why properly trained coaches are far more effective.

3. Everyone learns best when given a single focal point at a time and time to imprint that movement correctly.

4. Everyone learns best in an environment in which they are comfortable, heard, and given time to make changes emotionally, mentally and physically.

5. SWIMMING IS JUST PLAIN FUN!  If you are not enjoying it, you are doing it wrong!

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