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Back to Basics - a weekly spot on New Life Radio

posted 23 Oct 2020, 03:04 by Graham Gordon   [ updated 23 Oct 2020, 03:07 ]
I have travelled to many countries of the world over the last 17 years teaching Bible Students and speaking in many churches.
This season of continuing lockdown in my own home has led me to reconsider what I'm going to do with my time.
I have just finished 2 years of further study and the opportunity has been given to me to speak over Internet Radio.
So I begin my new Internet radio series on Wednesday at 4.00pm. The series is being hosted by New Life Radio based in Exeter and hosted by Mike Coles.
The series is called "Back to Basics" – returning to the simple and most important things.
This will be the key note of the weekly talks.
I’ll begin with several half-hour talks on the Bible. Over the following weeks; I will look at a simple summary of each book from Genesis to Revelation.
In the months following; I’ll look at some of the important themes in the Bible.
The first week, I’ll be talking about my own experience of reading the Bible, particularly as a child.