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Back to Basics

posted 3 Nov 2020, 02:47 by Graham Gordon

Moses writes the Pentateuch

posted 3 Nov 2020, 02:40 by Graham Gordon   [ updated 3 Nov 2020, 02:44 ]

Back to Basics - No 4 - Wednesday 4.00pm New Life Radio

This week on Back to Basics, I will prepare us for our study on Genesis by looking at "Moses: the man who wrote the Pentateuch" the first 5 books of the Bible including Genesis.

The revelation of God's name: LORD/Jehovah/Yahweh is the key proof of Moses' authorship. It is given to him before he goes to Egypt where he will prove the power of the LORD'S name in the 10 plagues. After his 2 periods of 40 days on Mount Sinai with the LORD he asks to see His face. The outcome is that the LORD proclaims His name which floods the soul of Moses and I compare it to a spiritual baptism in the Spirit preparing Moses for leading Israel in the wilderness where he faces defeat and isolation.

Moses was a man who heard God speaking aloud His name and he was one of the key writers of Scripture.

The Bible: the word of God

posted 27 Oct 2020, 03:43 by Graham Gordon   [ updated 3 Nov 2020, 02:44 ]

Back to Basics - No 3 - Wednesday 4.00pm New Life Radio

This week's talk is about "The Bible: the word of God."

I will answer the question, "What is the Bible" with an outline of the books and authors.

The second question I will answer is "How should I read the Bible." - I identify 3 ways to engage with the Bible: devotionally, systematically and diligently.

I will also discuss how the Bible was written, how it came together and an overview of the translations.

I am happy for you to raise issues with me about my radio talks or about my Notes which are more extensive

The Bible: the word's God speaks

posted 27 Oct 2020, 03:38 by Graham Gordon   [ updated 3 Nov 2020, 02:46 ]

"Back to Basics" - No 2 - New Life Radio 4.00 pm Wednesday

God speaking is at the core of the Bible; it is its foundation.

God spoke creation by speaking His creative word. It is expressed in the phrase "thus says the LORD."
The LORD also speaks His word through His servants, often they were prophets.
He speaks His words to us through Scripture.
Thirdly, God has finally spoken to us through the WORD who is HIs Son

Back to Basics - a weekly spot on New Life Radio

posted 23 Oct 2020, 03:04 by Graham Gordon   [ updated 23 Oct 2020, 03:07 ]

I have travelled to many countries of the world over the last 17 years teaching Bible Students and speaking in many churches.
This season of continuing lockdown in my own home has led me to reconsider what I'm going to do with my time.
I have just finished 2 years of further study and the opportunity has been given to me to speak over Internet Radio.
So I begin my new Internet radio series on Wednesday at 4.00pm. The series is being hosted by New Life Radio based in Exeter and hosted by Mike Coles.
The series is called "Back to Basics" – returning to the simple and most important things.
This will be the key note of the weekly talks.
I’ll begin with several half-hour talks on the Bible. Over the following weeks; I will look at a simple summary of each book from Genesis to Revelation.
In the months following; I’ll look at some of the important themes in the Bible.
The first week, I’ll be talking about my own experience of reading the Bible, particularly as a child.

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