Study for Life

Study for Life will give you the spiritual food that will set you up for living the Christian Life. It will take you on a journey of discovery. Your guide book will be the bible and your passport will be a well planned programme of study. Study for Life will take you through the primary truths, showing you what you need to know about God, the bible and yourself.

Green  is where it starts, foundational teaching that will give you great truth delivered in an easy to understand way. We'll introduce you to some key truths and start to get you thinking about about God, the bible and what this all means to you.

Orange  is a great opportunity to get more from the bible. If you enjoyed Green, Orange will take you to another level. Benefit from experience and insightful teaching with the opportunity to ask questions and more time to discover the depths contained in the bible.

Purple gives you the opportunity to explore biblical principles in more detail. It will transform your life and the way you see things. You'll explore what you've learnt through workshops and discussion to really get to grips with the truths that you encounter