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The Doctrine of the Church

Why make accessible a document about "church" when we are not able to meet together as a church?

I am passionate about the church of Jesus Christ - I was dedicated in the Salvation Army but grew up in a Brethren Assembly, I went to an inter-denomination Bible College, joined a "Holiness" missionary society and then became part of a network of house-churches which was part of the wider Charismatic renewal movement. For the last 17 years I have encountered churches in other nations, all of which has contributed to this document.

I am not asking you to read such a long document but I suggest you read my introductory comments and then look at my CONTENTS page - and there you can choose what to read for yourself.
This document did not come together in my study but was compiled on the road. I taught the subject to students and churches in different parts of the world and it is a document in process of being written. 

It is complimented by biblical material related to leadership, doctrine, the nature of the body of Christ and the core-values of the early church. Historical moments locate the church in the context of Christian history. (I give you lots of pointers for further reading and research).
Graham Gordon,
7 Oct 2020, 12:38