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The Bible and the Child

The Bible was written for children, for their nourishment, their spiritual and intellectual development and for their enjoyment. Looking at it from a child’s perspective the Bible takes on a new look altogether. Imagine looking out on the big world from the viewpoint of a little mouse like Stuart Little - how different things would look and what fun and what terrors! The Bible requires a vivid imagination to make it live and a child has one. Of course, there are whole tracts of rough terrain and perilous pitfalls in the Bible that are impossible for a child to cross without some help, but a whole lot of adults also struggle with certain books in the Bible and with some doctrines which need some simple explanation. You can’t expect anyone else to explain to your children about the hard questions which arise when we read the Bible with our children. We do have teachers in the church to explain things to us, we have excellent books to help us, and most important of all, each one have the illumination and insight from the Holy Spirit to help us as we read - and we have our own stories. The author of Scripture and the One who inspired holy men of God to write is the same Holy Spirit who illuminates Scripture as we read it, “For prophecy never came by the will of man, but holy men of God spoke as they were moved by the Holy Spirit” (2Pet.1:21; NKJV). However, it is our joyous responsibility to make the stories and texts of the Bible to live for our children – for this we will need drama, integrity and imagination! 
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Graham Gordon,
13 Oct 2020, 02:29