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Ruth and Boaz - The Redeemed and the Redeemer

Who has not heard of the thousands of refugees fleeing from war torn Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq? Or seen the urgent migration of a mixed multitude of people arriving on our doorstep – families with their little children trekking thousands of miles, cherishing the hope of a settled place of rest in Europe? These immigrant people embark on their journey with the hope of a new beginning, a possible livelihood that can provide for sustaining life. Are we not familiar with this tragic picture shown repeatedly on our T.V. screens? Thus we see at the outset of the story of Naomi’s family that the issues they faced as a family seeking to survive famine are contemporary to the situation many families are facing today – a world that has arrived at our doorstep. In other ways this little book it is totally distant from our contemporary world in so many ways - its ancient Jewish culture, social life, education and its fundamental belief in God at the foundation of their personal and national life. The book of Ruth espouses godly values for life which are timeless ... (Continue reading the full article below).
Graham Gordon,
25 Sept 2020, 09:29