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Lockdown in the Bible

Lockdown is by no means rare in the lives of God’s giants who we encounter in the Bible and so I want you to see it as God’s method of doing something unique in your life. 

In this most unusual time when so many people are dying and we are locked up in our houses several Bible characters came to mind who found themselves isolated from other people. As we delve into this matter of “lockdown” we discover that the Lord schedules isolation into the lives of his servants quite purposefully at times. When you encounter lock-down you will find yourself in the company of some of God’s giants.

In the light of all our disorientation and unfamiliar circumstances let’s turn to the Bible, can we make sense of its apparently random events and prolific array of characters? Can we make sense of it all? Is there one unifying purpose? (To read more please download the full article)
Graham Gordon,
30 Sept 2020, 07:54