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Follow me as I follow Christ

Paul calls for his spiritual children to follow him. You may have some questions about the wisdom of following a man, even when we are talking about the apostle Paul, but the fact is that Paul urged all Christians to follow him! Now if he had said this about following Jesus Christ we would have had no problems with the instruction. Jesus called men and women to follow Him. Over and over again we hear Him calling men to Himself; even the rich young ruler was called by Jesus to follow Him. It is the greatest privilege of my life to be personally called by Jesus Christ. When you follow Him you are following the One who is truly a man in His humanity but He is the Son of God in His divine nature, so that there are certain ways in which He is not a model for us when it comes to following. We cannot follow Him in His deity. In contrast Paul was a human person like us and that is why we probably have some reserves about following him. My proposal is that we carefully examine each Scripture where Paul instructs his converts to follow him so that we can come to a correct understanding of what He means, and see where we can properly follow the apostle 
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Graham Gordon,
3 Jul 2017, 08:17