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I have come to an appreciation of the spiritual stature of Elijah, the man of God, due to the manifestation of the LORD’S immeasurable power manifested at Mount Carmel. I have repeatedly returned to Carmel because of my interest in the subject of revival and I have viewed this unique manifestation of the LORD’S power in the light of other occasions when God’s power has been poured out in revival. I am also interested in other occasions of God’s outpourings in the context of the O.T. and those more familiar outpourings in the N.T. I have also studied revival in the context of Christian history.  I have been inspired to take a further look at the events associated with Carmel after listening again to Mendelson’s oratorio entitled “Elijah.” (Down load the article to read more)

[1] See my teaching manual entitled: “Revival  in Scripture and Christian History.”

Graham Gordon,
23 Sept 2020, 08:59