I write because I receive revelation at the end of a pen. Often my articles may result from preaching – thus the further development of a message or sermon. Some essays result from the private reading of Scripture and others from teaching Scripture in churches and Bible Schools. If you examine my study manuals which were prepared initially for teaching in Bible Schools you will find quite a number of essays.

Occasionally essays may have association for me with places or locations. The essay on Jesus’ High Priestly Prayer in John Ch.17; entitled “The Indwelling God” was written in a missionary home in Albania where I was teaching on the doctrine of God. The essay on “Emmanuel” resulted from a sermon in the Seminary chapel at Allahabad, India. This essay demonstrates my personal love for the doctrine of the incarnation. My pamphlet entitled “A Lead Mine, 2 Herons, an Old Man, a Garden Party and a Derelict House" is certainly focused on locations – the places associated in my mind with my grandfather and my early childhood. This last pamphlet is also autobiographical. My pamphlet entitled “The Bible and the Child” is also autobiographical - demonstrating my love for Scripture from early childhood.

I am an artist! I write as an artist, preach like one, see things and think things because of who I am. Some people who are blessed with a scientific mind often find me frustrating. I am one minute pursuing a path and suddenly my attention is diverted elsewhere and I change tack – hopefully to return later to the subject in hand. Perhaps my artistic nature impacts the subjects I relish; see my module on the heart which has been developed over years and is now entitled: “What is Man?”. You will find several essays contained in the module. In another essay entitled “Ruth and Boaz - The Redeemed and the Redeemer” I have used quite a number of paintings to accompany my pamphlet.

None of my essays are finished! Some are more finished than others. Fairly completed essays are: “The Prayer Life of Jesus from Luke’s Gospel” and “Follow me as I follow Christ.” My pamphlet on Emmanuel is fairly complete.

All of my writing has been prompted by Scripture and I trust is a channel of devotion to Jesus. Derrick Harrison 2017.