About Derrick Harrison

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Derrick attended Bible School in Birmingham from the age of 18 where he met his wife Barbara. After six years of study they went for training for foreign mission in the USA, they returned to the U.K. to lead a growing House Church and went full time in the church at the age of 30. The church was part of a network of fellowships that sprung up about the time of the Charismatic Renewal Movement.

The church engaged in mission to a deprived area outside the city boundary of Birmingham called Smethwick, eventually moving to this area in “the Black Country”. Along side this inner city evangelism the church also engaged in mission to Communist Eastern Europe.

Once settled in Smethwick, Derrick established a Bible School based on the local church called the Christian Workers Programme (CWP). It is this material that we are making available for those who want to prepare themselves for Christian ministry Christian Workers Programme. It is available as audio downloads with some notes and consists of hours of teaching on a wide spectrum of subjects including leadership, exposition of specific books, holiness, history of the church in the context of renewal movements, mission, Biblical Theology etc. Teachers were drawn from all over the U.K. and all were engaged in Christian ministry.

Following the handover of a key role in leadership, Derrick studied for a M.A. (Mission) with the University of Wales and then moved into teaching in Bible Schools, Seminaries and Churches in different countries: Africa, Albania, Haiti, India, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, USA, and Europe. Modules from Derrick’s  teaching on Christian Theology will also be made available on this website Christian Theology.

Derrick has consistently written for the rrcc magazine "In Touch". His articles will be made available on this site as well In Touch Articles

Derrick has a page where he writes on many subjects mainly related to the Bible. Articles

The church has always emphasised holiness and prayer alongside worship and mission. We would also like to devote a page to Prayer and Revival Revival Prayer.

A page will will have links to other sites and churches who share similar core values Links.

Barbara went to be with the Lord on January 6th 2017 after a 4 month illness. Derrick continues to live in Birmingham and has 4 married children, 15 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

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