Maternal Healthcare Project

This project, done in collaboration with IBM Research India and Embedded Interaction Lab, aims at reducing maternal mortality rate in Assam and providing a safe and healthy motherhood through design interventions. Studies show that Assam has the highest maternal mortality rate in India. The motive of the project is to empower pregnant women and health workers by identifying their problem areas through a comprehensive and extensive research and coming up with an ICT-enabled solution


My role was of a researcher in conducting field studies and analysing results. I also kept developing 'proof-of-concept' prototypes along the way to demonstrate the capabilities of Microsoft Kinect. The project aimed at creating a gesture based user interface to leverage IBM's spoken web platform. The information kiosk is to be set up in a public setting in one of the health centres.

The project is still in its final stages and hence I cant divulge much information as of now.