Sound Object

Sound Object is an ongoing project where I try to create portable noise/sound making circuits that you carry with yourself and can plug in a headphone to listen to.

Sea Chord
The idea was to have 3 oscillators with oscillating amplitudes playing in unison. Light falling on the LDRs would change the frequency of the oscilators. The sound it made had a very sea-side warm vibe to it. Before I could record the sound, the circuit broke somehow and now it just makes this wierd noise which is still fun to listen to and play around with.


-----------------------------------------------------------------------Hear the sound that it makes.-----------------------------------------------------------------------

The Blue(s) Box
A synth that plays the pentatonic minor scale. Has a very unpleasant timbre though.

cB chordalSeashort.wav
Denny George,
Jun 11, 2013, 6:29 AM