Our Mission, Membership and Subcommittees

Mission Statement

The goals of the Delaware Victims’ Rights Task Force are to improve and expand services to victims of crime, increase public awareness of victim rights and services, to ensure equitable treatment of victims, survivors, and witnesses by the criminal justice system. The Victims’ Rights Task Force will also work collaboratively with the community to prevent violence.

For Information on Delaware Services Please Visit:

For the Delaware Victims' Rights Task Force contact: DelVRTF@gmail.com

The Victims’ Rights Task Force strives to accomplish the state mission through the following initiatives:

  • Proactive representation and advocacy for the needs of crime victims, survivors and witnesses.
  • Creation of an advocacy network among providers in the victim services field.
  • Drafting, reviewing, and/or commenting on legislation concerning crime victims and witnesses and their rights as part of the criminal justice system.
  • Serving as a clearing house for local and national information on victims’ rights and services by disseminating information and coordinating local efforts with the National Organization for Victim Assistance, the National Victim Center, the Office for Victims of Crime, and other national organizations.
  • Developing and promoting innovative programs for victims and survivors and the expansion of existing programs and services.
  • Sponsoring and supporting public awareness activities regarding the impact of victimization, victims rights and services and
  • Educating the community at large.

Participating Agencies

Child Inc.

Contact Lifeline

Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence

Delaware Center for Justice, Inc.

Delaware State Police Victims Center

Department of Justice

Department of Correction

Developmental Disabilities Council

Division of Youth Rehabilitative Services

Domestic Violence Coordinating Council

Dover Police Department Victim Services

Newark Police Department Victim Services

New Castle County Police Victim Services

People’s Place II

SAND (Sexual Assault Network of Delaware)

Sexual Offense Support, University of Delaware


U.S. Attorney’s Office

Victims' Compensation Assistance Program

Victims' Voices Heard

Wilmington Police Dept., Victim Services


Disabilities Subcommittee

The Disabilities Subcommittee of the Victims Rights Task Force strives through collaboration to bring system change to allow for equitable justice for all. Activities include education and advocacy with and for direct support professionals, policymakers, legislators, and people with disabilities to bring awareness of and provision of services for appropriate outcomes for victims of crimes who have disabilities in Delaware.

Latino Immigrant Victims (LIV) Subcommittee

LIV subcommittee provides an opportunity for advocates to share concerns, information, and ideas to assist Latino immigrant victims of crime who often face unique issues.

Legislative Subcommittee

The Legislative Subcommittee works to identify and address legislative issues surrounding victims of violent crime. This may include modifying existing state legislation or advocating for new legislation. The subcommittee coordinates these efforts with other organizations (Domestic Violence Coordination Council, the Sexual Assault Network of Delaware, Criminal Justice Council) to ensure a coordinated community response to victims of crime in Delaware.

Prevention Subcommittee: Community Leaders

The Prevention Subcommittee (also known as the Community Leaders) is a group of individuals who are committed to stopping intimate partner violence (IPV) and teen dating violence (TDV) from ever happening. The Community Leaders group serves the purpose of grounding IPV and TDV prevention work in the community, expands collaboration with non-traditional partners, and expands opportunities for prevention strategies to be diverse, widespread, and encompassing.

VRTF prevention efforts are supported by funding from the Delaware Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Delaware is one of ten states to be awarded funding through the DELTA FOCUS grant sponsored by the Centersfor Disease Control and Prevention for 5 years (2013-2018). With a focus on lower Delaware (Kent & Sussex Counties), the VRTF, Community Leaders subcommittee, and fiscal agent, People’sPlace, collaborate to develop and test prevention strategies through the REAL Relationships program.

REAL Relationships seeks to create communities where healthy relationships can thrive through an emphasis on Respect, Equality, Acceptance, and Love. This is accomplished through a variety of strategies including: challenging existing unequal gender norms, teaching media literacy, healthy relationship skill development, bystander intervention, and engaging youth through social media. Other DELTA FOCUS efforts include increasing competence in the primary prevention of IPV and TDV, public (including parents, teachers, and other adults) awareness and education, and youth leadership development.

For additional information or if you are interested in helping to prevent IPV and TDV, please visit: http://www.REALrelationshipsDE.org.

The Delaware Center for Justice, Inc. (DCJ) established the Delaware Victims’ Rights Task Force in the early 90’s as a subcommittee of DCJ. The Task Force was a Coordinated Community Response (CCR) composed of state and local government officials, victim advocates and non profit agencies that worked directly with crime victims and survivors. The DCJ has continued to support and act as the fiscal agent for the DVRTF for almost 20 years, and sends staff representation to the meetings.