Dead sea Cosmetics - WHITE DIAMOND KIT

Whitening Beauty mask

Brighten up dark signs
Rich mask that help brighten dark signs due to high concentration of natural actives as vitamin C together with instant moisture elasticity, freshness, shiny and anti aging effect resulted by the VITAMIN MINERAL COMPLEX combines with Dead Sea minerals and wide range of vitamins and plant extract.

Whitening cleansing soap

Brighten up dark signs
gentle refreshing soap help brighten dark signs and instantly removes eye and face make-up together . based on natural active components as the VITAMIN MINERAL COMPLEX combined with Dead Sea mineral. leaves skin feeling clean, fresh and soft.

Whitening and Skin-Firming Hand Cream

A rich cream based on natural anti-oxidant vitamins such as A and E that helps balance skin tone as well as providing deep firming nutrition thanks to essential oils such as sea buckthorn (obliphicha) oil, olive oil, and sesame oil. Enriched with a vitamin mineral complex from the lowest place in the world – the Dead Sea.
Apply a thin layer and massage till completely absorbed

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