black mud body wrap from the dead sea

Natural and cosmetic mud from the Dead Sea, enriched with Vitamin Mineral Complex assists in renewing of skin tissues. Suitable for partly or total body peelings, or for a refreshing and enriching massage. The mud contains natural minerals helping in improving the skin texture and reduces muscle and 
bone pain. It absorbs well into skin pores and cleans skin thoroughly

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Secrets From the Dead Sea


Provides Relief for Disorders

Symptoms of skin disorders such as psoriasis, eczema and acne can be controlled by using Dead Sea mud. Its rich mineral content accelerates natural exfoliation and restores your skin's pH balance. Dead Sea mud is not a permanent healer, but regular use of it can provide physical relief and keep your skin disorder under control

Mud from dead sea

The Dead Sea is known for its many benefits for your skin and skin care products. So it only makes sense the -417 is providing you with skin care products that contain essential minerals, and salt from the Dead Sea to keep your skin soft and healthy looking. -417 offers skin care products that exfoliate, clean, nourish and hydrate your body because your face isn’t the only skin that matters. Your environment effects your skin differently, from dry, cracking skin to oily, irritated skin. We have the skin care products your skin needs to look and feel its best!