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2014 DCCX presented by DCMTB and CXHairs

posted Sep 30, 2014, 6:22 AM by Darren Biggs   [ updated Sep 30, 2014, 7:36 AM ]

Race: Saturday & Sunday October 18th & 19th. 2 days, 2 excellent courses

Both Days of DCCX score points in the Super8 Cyclocross Series!

See http://www.super8cx.org/ for series rules and information.

Staging in events with 1/2/3 Racers (Open, Masters, Single Speed) 
use Cross-Results for online registrants!

 the only cyclocross race in Washington, DC, 
has quickly grown to be one of the largest Cyclocross Races in the Eastern United States,with ~ 850 registered racers and over 50 undercard. Kids can compete on  a separate course (free). The venue and courses are designed to create a fun, family-friendly spectator environment, in addition to a challenging race course. Admission to the venue is free.  

In 2014, DCCX is now a TWO-DAY event!!  That's right, we have been asked for years to provide two days of racing and the time has come.  Two great courses have been laid out for two awesome days of racing and spectating.  Both courses offer challenges yet to be experienced over the last seven years of DCCX.  The CXHairs team has partnered up with DCMTB to pull off this two-day party of cyclocross.  Be sure to check them out athttp://www.cxhairs.com/.

This year Oskar Blues will be on hand with a variety of their craft beer offerings including Dale's Pale Ale, Mama's Lil' Pils, Old Chub and others.  Come enjoy their "can-in-hand" culture as well as some of their special kegs.  The beer garden will be the place to be in 2014. 
Staples Corner Liquorswill be working with Oskar Blues to once again ensure that your refreshment needs are satisfied.  Come out and pair an Oskar Blues with food fromDC SlicesBaja Fresh, the DC Dutch club and others to help keep the party going.  Other Sponsors include Terra Lawn and Landscape,  Family Bike ShopSonoma Restaurant and Wine Bar and DrinkMore Water.  DCCX has an exciting new partner this year: Rose Physical Therapy Group. They'll be out there, offering FREE 15-minute assessments. More info to come: http://www.rosept.com/

Each year following DCCX, DCMTB donates thousands of dollars to benefit the retirees who live at the Armed Forces Retirement Home. In 2013, this donation went to the Friends of the Soldiers Home. Members of this organization and others provide valuable volunteers assistance on race day- if you would like to pitch in as a volunteer (e.g. course crossing guard, parking facilitator, clean-up crew) If you'd like to volunteer contact Raul Rojas at rojasrau@gmail.com
Major course preparation is done by Terra DC Landscaping.   We are very grateful to the Armed Forces Retirement Home , site of President Abraham Lincoln's summer cottage, and the AFRH residents there for allowing us to use their beautiful campus each year.

    Please note that there are several modifications from the standard Super 8 CX daily schedule:
    - Rookie race for Cat 5 men and Cat 4 women (Saturday ONLY)
    - Single speeders are split out from the 35+ event
    - 55+ men race in the afternoon for 45' , along with the Singlespeeders

    Almost FREE Cyclocross clinic on Friday, October 17 at the Armed Forces Retirement Home

    Directions:  DCCX is presented by DCMTB and is hosted on the beautiful campus of the Armed Forced Retirement Home, site of the                         Historic President Lincoln’s Cottage in NW, Washington, DC. There is ample, free parking adjacent to the course.   The approximate address for        mapping is 140 Rock Creek Church Rd, NW & Upshur St, NW  Washington, DC 20011For clinics, turn right immediately at the Guard station       and head south to the Pond area. On race weekend, signs will direct racers to the Parking areas located on Arnold Dr. Please park only in                 designated areas and not on any active roads. See map here .

    DCCX is part of the Super 8 Cyclocross Series and listed on the USA Cycling CXNC (Cyclocross National Calendar).  The Super 8 is proud to have                 BikeReg.com and VergeSport return as sponsors to our series and look forward to seeing everybody ready to race in Winchester on September 28.

     Super 8 race location map

    September 28 Apple Cross Winchester, Va.
    October 5 Hyattsville CX Hyattsville, Md.
    October 12 Tacchino Cyclocross Rosaryville, Md.
    October 18 & 19th DCCX Washington D.C.
    November 2 Ed Sander Memorial CX Adamstown, Md.
    November 9 Schooley Mill Cross Highland, Md.
    November 16 Rockburn CX Elkridge, Md.
    December 7 Capital Cross Classic Reston, Va.

    Bicycle Blogger Gwadzilla runs the free kids race!

    Bill Schieken of CXhairs.com is Announcing!

    Please check DCCX out on Facebook and Twitter !

    Cxhairs.com has some great DCCX video: 2012 DCCX , 2011 DCCX , various (including Tandems!)
    Cycle-Boredomhas a humorous intro to CX and nice picts
    Uncle pappy has some nice bloggin' about racing and spectating at DCCX
    No Film Photography has some pics and videos from last year! 2013 DCCX video from NoFilm

    Flickr shots of 2012 DCCX

    Main Parking is at Point "B".  "A" is the campus entrance at Upshur St. and Rock Creek Church rd. Follow the blue line to Parking. Additional              parking is located neat the intersection of Arnold Drive and Pershing Dr. in the south-central Area of the map, along the Blue route. There is no          race/spectator access to the course from the North side on race weekend. Please do not park in that area near the Golf course parking and Start       area, or on any roads.

    Cyclocross according to Wikipedia 





Great set of DCCX Picts from DCMTB's own Joe Foley


Past Elite DCCX Champions

Elite Men

2013 Nick Waite- Pro Tested Gear

2012 Ryan Dewald- SEAVS/Haymarket

2011 Lukas Winterberg- Philadelphia Cyclocross School

2010 Joe Dombrowski

2009 Ryan Dewald

2008 Wes Schempf

2007 Wes Schempf

Elite Women

2013 Cheryl Sornson- Team CF

2012 Laura van Gilder - Mellow Mushroom

2011 Laura van Gilder -C3/Mellow Mushroom

2010 Arley Kemmerer -C3

2009 Arley Kemmerer -C3

2008 Patty Buerkle

2007 Betsy Shogren

Elite Masters 35+

2013 Jerzy Wozniak- Winchester Wheelman

2012 Jeffrey Dickey- Scott Pro Mountain Bike Team

2011 Paul Rades -November Bicycles CX Experience

2010 Blair Saunders

2009 Dave Fuentes

2008 Blair Saunders

2007 Bernie Schiao

Elite Masters 45+

2013 Craig Cozza-  UPMC Cycling Performance/Pro Bikes

2012 Jerzy Wozniak- Winchester Wheelman Race Team

2011 Jerzy Wozniak- Winchester Wheelman Race Team

Elite Masters 55+

2013 Fred Wittwer- C3-Twenty20 Cycling

2012 Paul Curley - Spin Arts Cycling Team

2011 Fred Wittwer - Alan North America

2010 Fred Wittwer - Alan North America

2009 Fred Wittwer - Alan North America

2008 Rob Lea TEAM Fuji

Single Speed

2013 Christopher Rabadi- Dosnoventa

2012 Kristopher Auer C3- Athletes Serving Athletes

2011 Mike Esmonde- Raw Talent Ranch/CycleLife

2010 Jared Nieters- SEAVS/Haymark

Photos by Joe Foley Photography, unless noted

Stoopid 50 is an accurate description.....

posted Jun 24, 2014, 1:02 PM by Chris James

I ventured up to State College, PA Saturday arriving in time to get a hour or so spin up Bear Meadows road and hit the last downhill of the course. I felt great going into the weekend fitness was where I needed it to be. I did not however get in much trail time, much less rocks like they have in Rothrock.
Woke up bright and early with the sun on Sunday, did the usual coffee and such. Eventually we all lined up underneath the NoTubes banner, we were off and rolling shortly. Up Bear Meadows road sticking with the pack being led by some of the endurance hotrods, HR was not where I wanted it to be upper 180s. We made the turn onto the trail and I thought I might have a chance to get my HR down, was I wrong. Out onto Tussey I ate it in the rocks in what seemed to be the heckle pit. Rolled down Tussey passing a bunch of people with flats.
The rest of the race was uneventful felt great on the climbs, took me around an hour to get my rock riding skills back in check. Went back and forth with 2 of the Toasted Head Wine people not sure on names.  No mechanicals or major cramps to think of.
Finish time was just over 6 hours, I had hoped for closer to 5:30ish. Not to far over. Nutrition was a mix of Roctane drink mix and gels along with aid station food. If you have the chance to do the race go for it, Chris Scott does an excellent event as always.

6 Hours of Saunders

posted Apr 8, 2014, 3:03 PM by Chris James

Ventured down to Goochland, VA this past weekend with Graham Smith of the Seavs/Haymarket squad for a duo race at Darren's favorite course. The race took place at the Saunders Boy Scout camp same trails as the 18 hour they do in the fall.
Anyway Graham started us off at 1030am right after we both took a shot of Red Ace Organic Beet Juice We were turning about the same lap times 35-40 minutes, he came out of the woods after the first lap with a nice lead on 2nd place and 2nd overall behind a solo nut. On what would be my last lap I came around about 3 miles in to a bunch of racers standing around, a guy hooked a tree and went airborne cracking his collarbone. They stopped the race till it cleared up and everyone agreed mostly to party pace it back. The race kind of ended after that, Graham went out for another lap mostly for Bakers next weekend. The results were based off of the pre red flag lap.
We ended up 1st duo and 2nd overall.
So a solid weekend of racing for DCMTB. Looking forward to some XC racing in the next few weeks.

Monster Cross - If 70's Elvis decided to Race.

posted Feb 25, 2014, 5:31 AM by Darren Biggs

From John Rogers.....

If it had been up to me, I wouldn’t have raced MonsterCross this year.  Asa, however, wanted to do it, and I’m glad I went along.  Asa also brought along one of his high school buds.  We were on the road by 6AM (and we happened to see Albert on 95 on the way down).

Given my fat elvis state and lack of riding this winter, I raced my old bianchi cx bike with the horizontal dropouts.  After all these years, you’d think I would know to cinch down the steel quick releases really hard.  I thought I had, but no, the rear wheel pulled out.  By the time I was done, practically the whole field was ahead of me.  Horizontal dropouts are known for this issue, so: 

YouTube Video

!  That said, after looking at all the crap on the bianchi after the race, I’m glad I used my beater, as this year’s track was pretty wet, with a number of mud bogs and wet soil throughout.  There was just no rolling, and it made for a tough race.

Anyhow, my race plan had been to start towards the front and surf the groups as they passed me by until I found a group that suited me.  This time around, rather than getting dropped by groups on my way backwards, I was picking off people as I made my way up.  I kind of liked the latter more then the former.  Toward the end, it was fun racing with Peter Lindemann, Mark Stahl and. I think, Chas Ryan.  I was really tired, but feeling ok when Peter made another move on the road rollers 5mi or so from the finish, and definitely felt I could hold it and was looking forward to the tactics playing out on the way in ... But, my mind made a promise that my body couldn’t fill ) and my right calf cramped up, leaving me no choice but to slowly roll it home.

YouTube Video

Though I’m going backwards at MonsterCross (doing a 2:58 and 3:03 previously), I was not unhappy with my time of 3:22 and change (for 13th out of 60 50+ racers), as it has been a hard winter and I got my fat elvis thing going on.  I was also really happy that I could support 50 mins at a lower Z5 heart rate and over 2hrs in Z4.  I’m hoping that this effort pays off down the road!

Doing MonsterCross is a tough day, what with getting ready, driving almost 6hrs, and leaving home before dark and getting home after dark.  I always wonder whether MonsterCross is worth it.  But this year’s highlights (good racing, just hanging around after the race, listening to nice music, BS-ing with Albert and others and being warm as I was waiting for my youngster and his friend Ian to bring it home, which they did together - and seeing Asa and his friend Ian falling asleep within 5mins of starting the drive home), means that I suspect I’ll be back next year. 

PS-Shout outs to Albert, Corey and Matts Merkel and Even, and JonathanS and the FBS crew.  Mr. Merkel pulled out a 2:50, a mere 11 mins slower than Mr. Bishop, for the fastest DCMTBer time of the day!

John Rogers........

Team Meeting Feb. 10th 7:30pm Looking Glass Lounge

posted Jan 31, 2014, 11:26 AM by Darren Biggs   [ updated Jan 31, 2014, 11:33 AM ]

Team Meeting Feb. 10th 7:30pm Looking Glass Lounge
Meeting will be at 7:30pm.  Will have the QBP.  
Topics to talk about:

Team Kit 2014 --That boat has sailed so I thinking do a team re-order to save money.

Announcing some team rides.

    Team Races: In an effort to get more members involved at races in 2014, each board member will push to get people to the races, as follows:


1.       Brain S.: 8 hours of Ptap


2.       Raul: Greenbrier


3.       George: Dark Hollow


4.       Chris: 9 hours Rocky Gap


5.       Darren: Rattlin’ 50


6.       Ron  SS Race TBD


-          Regular reminders will be sent to the team re: race reports and volunteer sign ups.

Team Rides-Who will volunteer to lead them.
Team Trips- where to go 

Who is doing what races this year?

Introduce people wanting to be new members

Team Meeting Dec 9th 8pm Looking Glass Lounge

posted Dec 8, 2013, 11:11 AM by Darren Biggs   [ updated Dec 8, 2013, 11:13 AM ]

Meeting will be at 8pm.  Will have the QBP.  
Topics to talk about:

Election of the Board
Right now here are the people that have been nominated:
Darren Biggs - President
Chris D.-Treasure
George - Secretary
I am not sure if Brian wanted to run or not, since he might be leaving the area.

If you are interested in running for the board, want to nominate yourself or someone else please let us know.  

Team Rides-Who will volunteer to lead them.
Team Trips- where to go 
Maybe instead of DCMTB doing some grassroots races, Maybe some epic rides open to non-members?  WE NEED NEW BLOOD! 

Pat Thru Ride
Big Shed-Gambril Ride
MoCo North
MoCo South
Monster CX VA Ride (difficult Run/Pimmit Trails)
Dirtyburg Gravel Grinder.

Introduce people wanting to be new members

MABRA Cyclocross Championsh​ip - CAT 4-5 MEN

posted Dec 1, 2013, 5:00 PM by Michael Smart   [ updated Dec 1, 2013, 5:00 PM ]

The MABRA Cylcocross Championship marks my sixth CX race this year. The season has been nothing short of absolutely fantastic. Each race feels more confident than the last; maximizing turn speed and riding more efficiently.

Sunday's race started at 3:00pm so I was able to show up a few hours early. Scouted most of the course on foot, paying attention to each wave and identifying trouble spots. Met up with Jonathon about an hour before start and received some great advice regarding the start. Since the course was so muddy, the recommendation was to go all out in the first few hundred yards, secure a good position, and ride safely. The execution worked perfect!

Since this was not part of the Super 8 series, and I signed up last minute, I was staged in the very back. Out of the gate I secured a position in the top 25%. Coming into the first muddy, technical part, I chose to dismount and run the entire section. This ultimately placed me in the very front since there was such a pile up in the first few hundred yards.

Each turn felt fast and secure; drastic improvement from just a few months ago. As the field started to grow apart I focused on making fluid turns and went full gas on any flat I could find. Four laps total, and about 46 minutes of racing, I finished fourth place overall. A first time podium finish.

Looking forward to wrapping up the season at Capital Cross on December 8th.

DCCX, October 20th, 2013

posted Oct 16, 2013, 5:49 PM by Marc Gwadz   [ updated Oct 18, 2013, 7:10 AM by Darren Biggs ]

Race: Sunday,  October 20th, 2013

Women's Skills Clinic- Saturday, October 19th 1pm ($1, $6 if you don't have a USA Cycling license)

Open Course Practice time- Saturday, October 19th 2-4pm

Registration has been extended to Friday noon on Bikereg

Race number pickup and late registration Saturday at venue, 1:00-3:30PM

Staging in events with 1/2/3 Racers (Open,  Masters, Single Speed) are staged by Cross-Results for Online Registrants!
Kate from the Team

 the only cyclocross race in Washington, DC, 
has quickly grown to be one of the largest Cyclocross Races in the Eastern United States, with ~ 850 registered racers and over 50 kids.   Top regional talent compete in the elite categories, while age-group and lower category racers make up the undercard. Kids can compete on a separate course (free). The venue and course are designed to create a fun, family-friendly spectator environment, in addition to a challenging race course. Admission to the venue is free and refreshments from Staples Corner Liquors, Baja Fresh, and the DC Dutch club and others help keep the party going.  Other Sponsors include Terra Lawn and Landscape,  Family Bike ShopSonoma Restaurant and wine bar, Drink More Water, and Strava.

3rd 2013 DCMTB Free CX Clinic, September 25th @ 6 pm

posted Sep 23, 2013, 7:04 PM by Marc Gwadz

Folks, Wes Schempf (SEAVS-Haymarket) is back from China right on time for the last CX clinic!


 Wes will cover techniques key to finding and keeping speed on the course -- cornering, momentum, run/ride decisions, and keeping speed thru barriers. If you want to get faster and don’t have lots of time to train, attend this clinic. Wes’s tips are very helpful!

 The clinic is open to racers of all levels. Jrs, advanced, intermediate and rookie racers are welcome!

 Bring a photo ID. It is required to access the AFRH campus

 All clinics will be held at the Armed Forces Retirement Home - Rock Creek Church Rd, NW & Upshur St, NW. Enter at Upshur Rd. gate and follow signs to clinic site. Please arrive early to register. Clinics will start on time. 

 * If you hold a current USA Cycling license you pay a $1. If you don’t have a license, you pay the $1 fee but you are also required to buy a 1-day license for $5.

** After the clinic, participants will have the opportunity to ride around the race site/course to practice the newly learned skills.

 *** All riders under 18 years old need to be accompanied by his/her parent/guardian to sign their waiver.

Clinics and DCCX race info is at DCMTB.com

Questions can be directed to Raul Rojas rojasrau@gmail.com

Terror of Teaberry

posted Sep 16, 2013, 11:27 AM by Chris Danaceau

This is the third race of the three race Michaux Endurance Series, along with Michaux Maximus and The Curse of Dark Hollow.  I had done both of the previous races with George Flam, and chalked up two third places, with a flat tire, and bad cramps probably costing me a spot in each.  Nevertheless, I was in good position to win the series, as the only other rider to complete both close to my times was Don Dowgialo (Bike Doctor).  We drove up Sunday morning for the 10:00 start.   All three are an hour and a half (or less) from Montgomery County, so it was an easy race to get to the day of.  In typical Michaux fassion, set up in a gravel parking lot.  But the organizers do a good job of staging and registration with minimal (or no) existing amenities.  I looked for Don at the start, asked some of his teammates if he was coming up, but no on knew.  Did not see him at the start, either.
George and I had been talking all season about the need to start at a reasonable pace, and ride your own ride for these 2-3 hour races so as not to get overcooked early.  So naturally, right before the start, he says "We're going for the holeshot!"   They start us, he hits it, and I get third wheel.   We kept that order through most of the first 2 miles ( which was mostly downhill).   At the first gravel road crossing I gained a spot to be right behind George.   A little bit later I went by him to get out in front of our field outright.  Then there was a long technical singletrack climb, leading into continued technical and rocky singletrack.  I continued to lead all the way to the long gravel road climb (High Rock Rd.) at 6 - 7 miles. Here I got passed by another Masters category rider.   I let him go in order to save my energy for the presumed technical singletrack to come.   That worked out as I was able to reel him back in before the next climb on High Rock Rd.  This one was not so long and we went back into the singletrack with very little separation.  He gained the lead back but eventually made a mistake on the rocks and I got by him again.  
From then on  I did my best to ride efficient and keep the pressure on without overdoing it (and blowing up before the finish).  There was some very rocky riding on the ridge top (Rocky Ridge).   I didn't ride all of it but I rode enough to keep the lead.   Then a gully downhill leading to a tire sucking up hill (long grass over rocks) that couldn't end soon enough!  At 16 miles all the big climbs were done and I was still out in front.  Another half mile of gravel road lead to a short (had to walk) climb back up to the top of the ridge, then single track to repeat our start, which led to the finishing chute. 
Coming through I asked if I was the first Masters rider, fairly confident that I was.   My "shadow" came through not a minute later.   I think the result was close enough that I think the early lead out by George was a legitimate factor, letting me conserve my energy for later in the race when I really needed it to ride the rocks and keep the small gap I had.   So along with the race win, I also go the series win as well.   Not a bad way to end the MTB season.

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