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WASHINGTON DC, October 24, 2010—Arley Kemmerer (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) and Joe Dombrowski (Haymarket Bicycles-SEAVS) rode away from the competition to victories at the DCCX cyclocross race, race five in the BikeReg.com MABRAcross series, in Washington, D.C. Both riders had their teammates—and race favorites—face mechanical issues, opening the way to dominating wins on the grounds of the Armed Forces Retirement Home. With more than 700 registered riders on a beautiful autumnal day, DCCX exceeded its previous attendance records after DCMTB, the team that organized the race, added new events for single-speeders, tandems and rookies.

Kemmerer overcame an early-race tumble to build a minute gap over the rest of the field in the Dogfish Head Alehouse women’s 1/2/3 event with teammate Deidre Winfield. Winfield and Kemmerer traded leads throughout the race, passing riders from lower categories and eyeing each other up for the final sprint. As they came over the last barriers and run-up, Kemmerer stuck to the right and fought off Winfield for the inside line on the tight downhill leading to the finishing straight. Amidst the jockeying for position, Winfield dropped her chain and Kemmerer rode away to victory. The day before the race, Kemmerer taught a clinic on the DCCX course for 40 of the record 79 member women’s field and said she enjoyed seeing her charges out on the course racing.  ”It was great to see so many women giving it a try,” Kemmerer said.

In the Family Bike Shop sponsored Men’s 1/2/3 race, Dombrowski’s teammate and MABRAcross series leader Jared Nieters got clipped at the start of the elite race, sending him to the pavement. That left teenager Dombrowski, who took second place at last year’s race, alone to ride away from the field. He did so with aplomb, while previous winner, Wes Schempf (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes), stomped the pedals in vain pursuit. Dombrowski built up a big lead that began to as Schempf chased hard. But in the end  Dombrowski proved stronger as he took the win over Schempf. Olympian Bobby Lea separated himself from a four man chase group and slotted in for third. Nieters chased hard throughout the race but didn’t spend long mourning his loss: He quickly switched bikes, jumped into the single-speed race that took off minutes later, and rode away with the win.

In the Masters 1/2/3 Blair Saunders (Ben’s Performance Bikes) made his first appearance at a MABRAcross race this year and showed the field who is boss. He worked up an early lead over a four-rider chase group, led by series leader Kris Auer (C3-Athletes Serving Athletes) and held that lead to the finish. Auer finished second to keep the Verge Sport leader jeresy. In the Men’s 3/4 race DCMTB’s Matt Donahue made an early charge to take the first-lap prime and build a small gap on the field. He couldn’t hold the lead and finished fourth behind winner Andrey Doroshenko (Adventures for the Cure).

DCMTB reworked the course for this year’s race, eliminating a long road section and adding in some tight turns in the center of the course. A new set of stairs were added to the fabled run-up, allowing for pointed cheering and heckling from a crowd primed with refreshments from Dogfish Head Alehouse, frites made by DCMTB team members and pancakes from the Dutch Club.

Map of the 2010 DCCX course

Course pre-ride Helmet cam

Elite Men's Race, 2009 (www.joefoleyphotography.com)

DCCX is Presented by Family Bike Shop,  sponsor of the $1200 Elite Men’s Purse and Amateur Prize Lists!

DogFish Head Alehouse is bringing the Beer, and putting up $1500 in the Elite Women’s Race!

Blue Ridge Bar and Beer Garden (Glover Park, NW) returns to sponsor DCCX with some awesomebeer prizes and offers a great Happy Hour Promo to all DCCX Racers!

Drink More Water is a long time sponsor of the local race scene and is returning to hydrate us at DCCX.

Sticky Fingers has been here from the start, bringing yummy vegan treats for the racers


Arley Kemmerer will be hosting another DC-ChiX women’s clinic on the DCCX course on Saturday, October 23rd-  details on the clinics page.

With over 700 entrants hailing from Washington, DC, Virgina, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and beyond, DCCX is the premier, must-attend race in the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Bicycle Racing Association cyclocross series. DCCX is a centerpiece of DCMTB’s efforts to give back to the greater Mid-Atlantic cycling communities by putting on a great cycling event.  DCCX offers racing for men and women of all ages, and in 2009 we hosted the largest women’s racing field in the MABRAcross series. In addition to the races for big kids DCCX also provides opportunities for juniors, and has a great course specifically built for 6 through 11 year olds. Additionally, DCMTB makes an annual donation to the veterans residing at the  Armed Forces Retirement Home.


Dogfish Head Alehouse Uncorks Cash for DCCX Women

Dogfish Head Alehouse, the place to enjoy one of the best beers in America, will sponsor the DCCX women’s race, offering a record $1,500 purse to be divided among the top 15 finishers. The Dogfish Head suds-idy makes the women’s payout — with a hopping $350 for the winner — the largest in the Mabra series and bigger than the payout for the men’s race.

It’s the first time Dogfish Head is a title sponsor for DCCX, and the prize money will be a huge inducement for riders up and down the East Coast to make the pilgrimage to the Armed Forces Retirement Home — Abraham Lincoln’s former summer retreat — in Washington, D.C. on Oct. 24.

Male riders don’t need hop to any conclusions that they are being left out of the brew-haha. Family Bike Shop in Crofton, Maryland returns for a second year at the title sponsor for the men’s elite race, with a $1,200 payout going 12 deep. Family Bikes is also donating prizes for classes that don’t pay cash.

For those not on the podium, Dogfish Head will also port some stout batches of liquid refreshment to the course to help entertain riders (after they race) and add to the festive atmosphere.

DCMTB, which organizes DCCX, is also encouraging novice women riders to come out for its unique late afternoon Rookie Race, which will be a low-key way to try cyclocross. Arley Kemmerer, who won the race last year, offered a clinic for women riders on Sept. 22, and may offer another one the weekend of DCCX.

-    Registration for DCCX opens 9/26/2010 9:00PM, and some races will likely sell out quickly. Please see: http://www.bikereg.com/events/register.asp?eventid=11811

-    For more information on DCCX: http://www.dcmtb.com/dccx-2010-2

-    For photos by Joe Foley of the DC-ChiX cyclocross clinic: http://www.dcmtb.com/


DCCX Offers Cyclocross Rookies, Single-Speeders, Tandems Their Own Race

DCCX, Washington, D.C.’s only cyclocross race, is offering first-time racers and single-speed riders their own event at the race on Sunday, October 24 at the Armed Forces Retirement Home in Northwest, Washington.

The Rookie Race is set to start at the end of the day of racing, with a 3:55pm start. All classes of single speeders will take off first, followed by tandems (if anyone is brave enough to sign up), and then last (but not least) come The Rookies. All the regular rules of the grass circuit will apply: a license or a one-day license is required and pre-reg will be encouraged once that opens up.

Single speeders of any and all categories (*) will battle it out for swag, tandems for the personal bonding and rookies will be awarded random liquid refreshments. The race will last 40 minutes.

The Rookie Race is a perfect opportunity for commuters, weekend hobbyists and hipsters to give cyclocross a whirl. This is the event for someone looking to try riding around in the grass and mud without the stress of facing off against guys in team kits and carbon wheels.

Unlike most cross races we expect to see lots of smiles, steel bikes, and piercings during the race. Other racers will be encouraged to hang around to offer unsolicited “advice.”

Cyclocross is a unique biking discipline which was initially contrived as a way to allow road racers keep fit as cold weather took hold in the northern European autumn. Riders typically use bikes that look like road bikes but with thicker, beefier tires to handle the grass, trails and mud of the course. Racers can also use a mountain bike or touring bike.

Info: http://www.dcmtb.com/dccx-2010

Here’s how you know if the Rookie Race is for you:

-  You’ve always wanted to take your Surly out in the mud.

-  You thought about trying DCCX last year but were shut out when the Cat 4 race filled up too quickly.

-  You think winning a six-pack in a random lottery is cooler than getting a medal or cash payout.

-  The thought of waking up for a 9am start makes your head hurt.

Here’s how you know the race isn’t for you:

-   You’ve embrocated.

-  You know that Gwadzilla isn’t a 1940s movie.

-   You care about getting points for an upgrade.

*NO FIXED GEAR BIKES as per USA cycling regulations

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DCMTB CX clinics

DCCX is Race #5 in the MABRA Cross series


MABRA region race calendar

Washington Post Article on DCCX

MAC CX race info


CX  licensing for the MTBer from Jim Patton ( MABRA Officials Coordinator):

1. ALL MTB (formerly NORBA) licenses are acceptable for Cross
2. All MTB licenses may not have Cross categories printed on them.
The decoder ring for MTB to Cross categories is as follows:
MTB -> Cross
Pro -> 1
1 -> 2
2 -> 3
3 -> 4
3. MTB riders are restricted to the categories on their license when
racing Cross (they can not decided to upgrade or downgrade in Cross
4. There is no minimum age for young riders holding annual MTB
licenses. The racing age of 10 years old does apply to a young rider
purchasing a one-day license.
5. For UCI events (Charm City and Granogue), Junior riders do NOT
need International (UCI) licenses.

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