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Here is the interview with our last event's speaker, Rüdiger Görner, by Thomas Ihm (Südwestrundfunk).

The Interview was broadcast on SWR2 radio on 26th April.


19:00  Friday 25th May

Talk by Julian Spalding

'Con Art and After'

Julian Spalding wrote “The Eclipse of Art” in 2003 and then coined the term ‘Con Art’ to describe Conceptual Art, which he thinks isn’t art at all. The whole idea of Con Art springs from Duchamp’s Urinal, which he exhibited as a work of art, claiming that anything can be art if an artist says it is. Julian Spalding talks now about what has happened since, above all the discovery that Duchamp didn’t ‘do’ the Urinal but stole it from the remarkable German poet/artist, Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven and, most importantly, robbed it of its original poetic, radical feminist meaning. The art world remains in denial of the truth that Con Art is founded on a con. He will end his talk by showing the work of a little known, genuine artist, the German painter Peter Angermann, who he believes has created some of the most telling images of our time.
Julian Spalding is a writer and former director of art galleries and museums for the cities of Sheffield, Manchester and Glasgow. He established the Ruskin Gallery, the St Mungo Museum of Religious Art and Life and Glasgow’s Gallery of Modern Art. In 2000, as Master of the John Ruskin’s Guild of St George, he initiated the nationwide, now international “Campaign for Drawing”. His books include The Poetic Museum – Reviving Historic Collections, The Eclipse of Art - Tackling the Crisis in Art Today, The Art of Wonder (which won the Banister Fletcher Award for the best art book of 2006), The Best Art You’ve Never Seen, Con Art – Why You Should Sell Your Damien Hirsts While You Can, Realisation – from Seeing to Understanding and, with Ray-mond Tallis, Summers of Discontent – The Purpose of the Arts Today.
He contributes to various journals and has appeared frequently on radio and TV.

Zum Achter
Heidelberger Ruderklub         
Neuenheimer Landstr.3a


18:30-20:30  Wednesday 9th May
Invitation to join "Europäisches Picknick" on Europatag.

This event is being organised by the Junge Europäer Heidelberg/Mannheim and Pulse of Europe Heidelberg.

See this flyer for further details...

Venue: Neckarvorland in Heidelberg


Saturday 12th May
(in German)
Saturday 26th May (in English)
The Association of Heidelberg Tourist Guides invites you to take part in
the annual "In the Footsteps of Mark Twain" tour, either in English (26th) or in German (12th).

See website for further details:

Venue: Löwenbrunnen, Uniplatz Heidelberg


19:00  Thursday 17th May

Talk in English by Dr. Charles Foster
"Being a Beast" - wie ich versuchte, als Tier zu leben.

As part of the programme "Waldhauptstadt 2018" of the city of Heidelberg.

See website for further details:

Venue: Print Media Academy, Heidelberg


On the evening of the DBGRN's Christmas Dinner last November, our president, Nichola Hayton, gave a speech to sum up the eventful year of 2017.     Read her speech here .... (as pdf file)

Also, read the Grußwort by OB Prof. Würzner, a speech he gave on the same evening:  Grußwort by OB Prof. Würzner  


In January 2018, Nichola Hayton was interviewed by Mannheimer Morgen newspaper.
Read the interview below:



DBG Rhein-Neckar, you are 60 years old this year!

The local section of the Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaft, as it was called then, was founded in Heidelberg in 1957. The name was later changed to Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft.

There was a 60th anniversary party to celebrate this occasion at Schlosshotel Molkenkur, and we had a wonderful evening.

For some fun pictures, please have a look in our picture gallery....


20th July

Thank you for coming to Heidelberg!

Pictures: dpa

Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Heidelberg on 20th July.
We are still very excited about this visit!

There was a Deutsch-Britisches Freundschaftsfest on the Marktplatz all afternoon with our stand next to the Heiliggeistkirche. Thank you to everyone who came by to say Hello!


In the run-up to the visit:

For the Press Release, please see here...

The RNZ programme can be found here...

Press articles:

'Als Britin gehöre ich einfach zur Königsfamilie' (RNZ, 16.07.2017)

Films in English at the cinemas Gloria, Gloriette, and Kamera
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The English Theatre Frankfurt:


Films in English (engl. OmU):


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