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Friday 28th September

Talk by Sebastian Abbott

Title: 'Britannia Major & Minor: Orchestral Music of the British Isles'

Zum Achter
Heidelberger Ruderklub          
Neuenheimer Landstr.3a 

About the presenter
Sebastian Abbott is a product development engineer working in the automotive industry - that is what originally brought him to Heidelberg - on a two-year foreign assignment. It was music though that led him to meeting his wife and extending his stay to eleven years and counting!
As principal trombonist with the Musikfreunde Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra and native of the British Isles, he has both played in and presented at a concert, orchestral music from around the British Isles. He has two daughters and, thankfully, very understanding neighbours.
About the talk
Just what are the British Isles, exactly, and what do they sound like? Join Sebastian Abbott on a tour of orchestral music from the countries and regions of that eternally baffling collection of islands off the coast of France. What is Great Britain? Where is the Kingdom United and where is it, perhaps, not? Do the Irish get a say in any of this?
With music from Malcolm Arnold to Ralph Vaughan-Williams, from Edward Elgar to Edward German and many others in between, explore diverse orchestral music and how it reflects the distinctive cultures of the British Isles.


Saturday 9th June 2018


We are very proud to announce that our president,
Ms Nichola Hayton, has been awarded an MBE in Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday Honours list 2018.

Ms Hayton wishes to thank all those people who have sent mails, letters, and cards to congratulate her, as well as those who nominated her for this award.
See the announcement in today’s London Gazette, 9th June.

Many Congratulations, Nichola!!

Letter from the Consul General,
Paul Heardman
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Letter from the Ambassador,
Sir Sebastian Wood

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Letter from the Mayor of Heidelberg,
OB Prof. E. Würzner
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Article in Rhein-Neckar-Zeitung

Interview of Nichola Hayton on
Radio Regenbogen

Interview in four parts as mp3 files:




DBG Rhein-Neckar, you are 60 years old this year!

The local section of the Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaft, as it was called then, was founded in Heidelberg in 1957. The name was later changed to Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft.

There was a 60th anniversary party to celebrate this occasion at Schlosshotel Molkenkur, and we had a wonderful evening.

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20th July

Thank you for coming to Heidelberg!

Pictures: dpa

Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Heidelberg on 20th July.
We are still very excited about this visit!

There was a Deutsch-Britisches Freundschaftsfest on the Marktplatz all afternoon with our stand next to the Heiliggeistkirche. Thank you to everyone who came by to say Hello!


In the run-up to the visit:

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Press articles:

'Als Britin gehöre ich einfach zur Königsfamilie' (RNZ, 16.07.2017)

Films in English at the cinemas Gloria, Gloriette, and Kamera
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