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11.30  Sunday 25th March


König Richard Löwenherz - King Richard I

Guided tour in English language

Group outing to Richard the Lionheart Exhibition.
Anyone interested should register with Renate Kinzinger:

Venue: Historisches Museum der Pfalz, Speyer   

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19:00  Friday 20th April

Talk by Prof. Rüdiger Görner

'Brexism - Reflections on Political Irrationalism'


'Brexit' is a watershed experience in postwar British and European history. In his lecture, Professor Rüdiger Görner will examine some of the political and cultural aspects of Brexit and discuss the problematic fallout of this development, which has adopted an ideology-like character.  Based on his numerous publications on the subject, which will appear in book form with Universitätsverlag Winter in Heidelberg to coincide with this lecture, he will also assess the consequences of Brexit for Anglo-German relations.

Zum Achter
Heidelberger Ruderklub         
Neuenheimer Landstr.3a


On the evening of the DBGRN's Christmas Dinner last November, our president, Nichola Hayton, gave a speech to sum up the eventful year of 2017.     Read her speech here .... (as pdf file)

Also, read the Grußwort by OB Prof. Würzner, a speech he gave on the same evening:  Grußwort by OB Prof. Würzner  


In January 2018, Nichola Hayton was interviewed by Mannheimer Morgen newspaper.
Read the interview below:



DBG Rhein-Neckar, you are 60 years old this year!

The local section of the Deutsch-Englische Gesellschaft, as it was called then, was founded in Heidelberg in 1957. The name was later changed to Deutsch-Britische Gesellschaft.

There was a 60th anniversary party to celebrate this occasion at Schlosshotel Molkenkur, and we had a wonderful evening.

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20th July

Thank you for coming to Heidelberg!

Pictures: dpa

Their Royal Highnesses The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visited Heidelberg on 20th July.
We are still very excited about this visit!

There was a Deutsch-Britisches Freundschaftsfest on the Marktplatz all afternoon with our stand next to the Heiliggeistkirche. Thank you to everyone who came by to say Hello!


In the run-up to the visit:

For the Press Release, please see here...

The RNZ programme can be found here...

Press articles:

'Als Britin gehöre ich einfach zur Königsfamilie' (RNZ, 16.07.2017)

Films in English at the cinemas Gloria, Gloriette, and Kamera
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