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For events in August 2013, see also Elizabeth & Frederick: the 400th anniversary

 Friday 1st March 2013



"Zum Achter", Heidelberger Ruderklub

AGM (at 18:00) followed by
Film & Book Club (at 19:00): ‘An Englishman Abroad’

 Friday 22nd March 19:00  DAI Heidelberg A talk by Annie Machon: ‘Spies, Lies and Whistleblowers’ (members free)

 Friday 19th April     18:30  "Zum Achter", Heidelberger Ruderklub At short notice: A presentation by Nichola Hayton "A love story in pictures".
 Friday 17th May  18.30  "Zum Achter", Heidelberger Ruderklub Film Club - members only -  "The Naked Civil Servant"

 tbd A talk by Dr Petra Pechacek: British paintings at the Schloß exhibition

 Monday 24th June
 Heidelberg Schloß TNT Theatre Britain presents Shakespeare's 'Much Ado about Nothing' (in English)
(Reduced tickets for members - must be booked in advance)

 Friday 26th July 18:30  "Zum Achter", Heidelberger Ruderklub Film & Book Club: 'We Need to Talk about Kevin'

 Thursday 5th  September     18:00  Heidelberg Rathaus, Großer Saal Public lecture (free) by Dr.R.Esser: "Friedrich V. und Elisabeth Stuart in der Fürstengesellschaft des 17.Jahrhunderts"

 Wednesday 25th September 19:00   Hotel zum Ritter, Hauptstrasse, Heidelberg A talk by Sir Richard Evans, Knight Companion: 'History, Memory and Holocaust Denial - the David Irving Libel Trial'

 Friday 25th October     18:30   "Zum Achter", Heidelberger Ruderklub Film Club: "Educating Rita"
 Tuesday 5th November  20:00      DAI, Großer Saal     

DAI event: Reading by author Louis Begley "Memories of a Marriage"

 Friday 8th November 19:30  "Zum Achter", Heidelberger Ruderklub A talk by David Profumo (son of the famous John Profumo): 'Living another Life'
 Wednesday 13th November  20:00  DAI, Großer Saal      DAI event: Lecture in English by Alan Weisman "Countdown - Our last best hope a future on Earth"
 Wednesday 20th November      20:00      Aula der Neuen Universität, Heidelberg  DAI event: Lecture in English by Sir Roger Penrose "Was there time before the Big Bang? Fascinating insights of the WMAP and Planck space probe.
 Friday 22nd November      20:00      DAI, Großer Saal  DAI event: Reading in English by poet Lemn Sissay "Morning breaks in the elevator"
 Wednesday 4th December  19:00  Pfalzbau, Ludwigshafen    

 Play in English: "A Christmas Carol" by Charles Dickens, performed by American Drama Group Europe.


 Thursday 5th December  20:00        DAI, Großer Saal  DAI event: Performance in English by Kate Tempest "Everything speaks in its own way"
 Friday 6th December       18:00      Hutzelwald restaurant, Gaisbergstr. 93, Heidelberg  Film Club: "Scandal". For members only.
 Saturday 7th December  19:00  Providenzkirche, Hauptstrasse, Heidelberg  Winter concert performed by Vocalissimo "Cool Yule" (partly in English)
 Sunday 15th December  18:00          English Church, Ecke Plöck & Schießtorstrasse  English church event: Service of nine lessons and carols followed by mulled wine and mince pies in Kaiserstr.5
 Sunday 22nd December  18:00  Providenzkirche, Hauptstrasse, Heidelberg  Providenzkirche event: Service of nine lessons and carols  in English.

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