The Project

Who We Are

We’re a diverse group of folks who studied David Walker and his role in the anti-slavery struggle during a Black history seminar series in Boston. We were struck by the fact that, despite his pioneering contribution to ending slavery in the United States, Walker is so little known and publicly recognized. We decided that must change.

Our Goals

  • To raise up David Walker. We want to ensure that David Walker’s work and his timeless message of unity and liberation reach a wide audience, and particularly young people. We hope that eventually students throughout the country will be as familiar with David Walker as they are with Harriet Tubman, Frederick Douglass, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, and other heroes of the Black freedom struggle.
  • To honor David Walker by building a public memorial to him in Boston, Massachusetts. Walker spent his most influential years in the city. Yet he is commemorated only by a small plaque on the one remaining wall of a house in Beacon Hill where he and his family had once lived. Even his likely gravesite in a South Boston cemetery is unmarked. We believe David Walker is a national hero who deserves a statue or some other dedicated memorial of his own. And we’re raising the money to make that possible.

Meanwhile, we are doing what we can to raise his profile. We have updated the Wikipedia entry on David Walker, and we have established this website. The site – and the project as a whole – serve as a living memorial to David Walker and a celebration of his life and work.

Join Us!

Want to get involved? Make a donation? We’re an all-volunteer project, and we can always use your help! Click here to contact us via e-mail. To send us an old-fashioned letter, write to: The David Walker Memorial Project, c/o Community Change, Inc., 14 Beacon Street #605, Boston, MA 02108.